Inspect and Audit From Anywhere with Remote Visual Inspections

Inspect, manage, and audit facilities from anywhere with Avatour’s real-time 360° collaboration platform.

The Avatour Advantage

Avatour helps companies save money and time by enabling routine remote inspections without sacrificing quality or safety.

Reduce the cost of inspections

Save money on routine inspections and audits with the ability to be on site at any time.

Visit sites more frequently

Be on site more frequently to ensure safety and efficiency throughout a project or product lifecycle.

Increase transparency and trust

Experience transparency on demand by connecting stakeholders with on-site personnel.

Enhance quality standards

Create and maintain enhanced quality protocols through remote collaboration.

Customer Spotlight

How SEQENS Redefined Remote Inspections

“It’s very good to have this 360° view and it makes a big difference vs Skype or Zoom. That 360° experience reduces any doubts on their end that we’re hiding things and that’s a really valuable aspect during business development.”
Jean-Noël David
Managing Director CDMO North America at SEQENS

Be On Site When it Matters Most

Supplier Reviews & QA Audits

Ensure supplier facilities around the world are in compliance with requirements.

Facility Inspections

Conduct a thorough tour to experience a facility’s capabilities and processes to enhance internal quality control.

External Consultant Engagements

Bring experts, consultants, or teams directly to your site without the cost of travel.

Used by Leading Organizations Around the World

Do More with Avatour

Avatour is the ideal tool for changing the way companies conduct inspections

360° Shared Context

Snapshots & Annotations

Invite up to 20 Guests

Secondary Cameras

Learn More about Virtual Inspections

Remote inspection technologies from Avatour – explore the possibilities

Today, not only people present at the location can perform inspections. Indeed, thanks to the development of new technologies, remote inspections are possible, which work well in various market sectors – pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, logistics and supply chain, insurance and even the real estate market.

Remote inspection technologies – why use them?

The solution developed by Avatour makes it possible to perform routine remote inspections with the highest quality and safety standards. This allows companies to save money and time. In addition, essential tasks to be carried out regarding the review of systems, production quality, or supply chain can be carried out remotely without the need to leave the office and delegate employees.

What are the advantages of remote inspection technology?

Remote inspection technologies have many pros. However, one of the most important from the point of view of those interested in implementing remote inspection technology is the reduction in the cost of routine inspections and audits due to the ability to be at the desired location at any time. Another advantage is the ability to perform more frequent inspections. The lack of the need for employees to physically appear at a given site relieves them of their daily duties, eliminating the commuting time, for example, which can be used to perform inspection work. This, in turn, increases safety and efficiency throughout the project or product lifecycle. With remote inspection technology, process transparency and trust levels also increase. This is because parties interested in a particular topic can freely connect with personnel. Equally important, remote inspection technologies raise quality standards and foster the digitization of businesses. Using drones, video cameras, and AR or VR technologies offers many opportunities for use in various market sectors.

Do you want to implement remote inspection technology?

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