Live Virtual Tour Software

Delight customers and close more deals with live virtual tours

Bring customers, prospects, and stakeholders on site instantly, with easy-to-access, immersive experiences.

A Live Immersive Experience

Avatour's live 360° capabilities allow remote participants to experience locations in real time, as if they were standing there in person.

Control Your Own View

Each remote participant can look around freely in the 360° environment, and maintains control of their own view.

Join on Web or VR

Virtual tours on Avatour can be experienced both on Web or Virtual Reality, or a combination of the two.

Quick and Easy Recording

Easily record your virtual tours and upload directly to the Avatour platform for easy sharing and viewing.

Tour Places in Real Time

Invite guests to walk your sites and facilities with a live 360° experience.

With a simple hardware set up and a camera operator on site, remote participants can tour places virtually, with a built-in suite of collaboration tools for a highly interactive experience.

Record and Share Immersive Experiences

Record and upload tours, walkthroughs, and other on-site activities directly to the Avatour platform.

Share with others to experience individually, or together.
virtual tour software dashboard

Organize Assets and Manage Access to Recorded Tours

Upload and organize assets to be shared during the tour (images, videos, PDFs) in the Avatour Console.

Manage access to assets and recorded tours, all in one place.

Step 1: Get the Kit

Avatour offers a complete kit that includes everything you need to get started.

The kit includes a 360-degree camera, an extendable stick, a tripod base, bluetooth audio, and more.

Step 2: Invite Guests

Log in to Avatour either on a web browser or on the mobile Host App.

Set up the tour and invite guests via email.
real estate agent conducting live virtual tours

Step 3: Run the Tour

Join the meeting to start your live virtual tour.

Remote guests can look around in real time by clicking and dragging on the screen.

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“Avatour has been a game changer for us because it’s truly immersive - it allows our customers to engage in the operation.

It’s as close as they can get to being there without being there.''
Leo Donatelli
Director of Business Development
Case Study: Virtual Warehouse Tours
Do you offer services to create a 360° Tours?
No, we do not provide video production services.

Avatour is a 360° Video Conferencing platform that works with inexpensive 360° camera hardware.

It enables you to conduct immersive live virtual tours yourself, or easily capture and share your own pre-recorded 360° video tours.
How many people can join the 360° Virtual Tour?
Up to 20 Participants from anywhere in the world can use a VR headset, or a standard browser on any mobile device or desktop, to join the tour.
Do you need a VR headset to view the 360° Virtual Tour?
No. Although virtual tours are most immersive when experienced through a VR headset, remote participants can join using any modern browser on a laptop, desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.
What are the bandwidth requirements?
The requirements are different between Operator (on site) and the Participants (remote) when running a live virtual tour.

For the Operator, uplink bandwidth can be tuned from a minimum of 2mbps up to as high as 10mbps; since a sustained uplink is required, a good rule of thumb is to double the target bandwidth. So a minimum sustained uplink of 4mbps is sufficient. Downlink bandwidth requirements are lower and usually not an issue if sufficient uplink is available.

Each Participant requires enough downlink to receive the stream. 1mbps uplink is sufficient for Remote Participants.
Do you need a Wifi connection at the location?
No, WiFi connection is not needed at the location.

4G LTE cellular service is generally sufficient for uplink in the 2-6mbps range. We recommend the use of 5G where available, as uplink is generally more robust and higher bandwidth.

Click here for more information on Avatour connectivity requirements and how to assess connectivity at your site.
Which 360° cameras do you support / recommend?
For live virtual tours, we recommend using the Labpano Pilot Pano camera or the Labpano Pilot One camera.

Check out our Hardware page for more information on the Avatour Kit 3.0. For Android users, a good, less-expensive option is the Insta360 One RS or the One X2.

For iOS users, the only current option is the Insta360 One X.

Click here for the current list of supported cameras and recommendations.

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