How Avatour Works

Learn about the Avatour experience for both on-site and remote participants.

On-Site Operator

1. Get the Hardware

The Avatour kit includes everything you need to get started, or opt to purchase your own off-the-shelf hardware.

2. Invite Guests

Send meeting invitations to remote participants via email, or share your unique 5-digit meeting code directly.

3. Start Your Meeting

Assemble the kit and start your live 360° feed, or record 360° video to share in your meeting.

Remote Participant

1. Receive the Invite

Participants will receive a calendar invite via email, or a unique 5-digit meeting code.

2. Choose Your Experience

Participants can customize their viewing experience by joining via web browser, virtual reality headset, or an Igloo Immersive Room.

3. Connect & Collaborate

Join the meeting and explore the space in real-time. Use the built-in suite of tools for a more engaging collaborative experience.

Three Ways to Join a Meeting

man on Avatour web browser

Web Browser

Join with any modern web browser for an easy and convenient collaboration experience. Computers, tablets, and mobile devices are all compatible with the Avatour platform.

man with virtual reality headset on Avatour

Virtual Reality

Join with a Virtual Reality (VR) headset for a completely immersive experience. Learn more about which VR headsets are compatible with Avatour.

Igloo Immersive Room

Join with an Igloo to physically step inside the 360° environment. Cast a live 360° stream directly to the immersive room, or share pre-recorded content. Learn more about the Igloo x Avatour partnership.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Avatour meetings secure?
Yes. Avatour uses industry-standard encryption for all visual and auditory content captured during the meeting.
Click here for more information, or contact us directly.
How many people can join a meeting?
Up to 20 remote participants can join the meeting using a standard web browser on a smartphone, tablet, or computer, with the option to use a VR headset or an Igloo.
Do you need a Wifi connection at the site?
No, WiFi connection is not needed at the inspection site; several options are available.

Cellular service works well in many situations. 4G LTE cellular service is generally sufficient for uplink in the 2-6mbps range. We recommend the use of 5G where available, as uplink is generally more robust and higher bandwidth.

Starlink satellite service can be used to establish connections in many places where no cellular service is available. Avatour generally works well with Starlink connections, although throughput varies widely on the Starlink network, which can impact visual quality.

For sites where no Internet connection of any sort is available, our Quick Capture recording can be used to capture 360 content. The recorded video can be later uploaded to the Avatour system for individual or group review.

Click here for more information on Avatour connectivity requirements and how to assess connectivity at your site.
What are the bandwidth requirements?
For live sessions, Avatour works with most Internet connections, although the requirements are different for the on-site Operator and the remote Participants.

For the Operator, uplink is most important. Avatour delivers an acceptable experience when streaming video at 2mbps, and maximum quality at 10mbps. Our system manages low bandwidth by reducing frame rate, preserving visual quality as much as possible. When specifying link capacity, a good rule of thumb is to target capacity of at least twice the streaming bitrate, to accommodate other traffic and overhead. Downlink bandwidth requirements are lower and usually not an issue if sufficient uplink is available.

For the Participant side, it’s best if the user’s downlink capacity is at least double the Operator’s uplink rate. However, the Avatour system will dynamically accommodate lower Participant bitrates by transcoding the 360 stream, so connections as low as 2mbps are workable, albeit with lower quality. 1mbps uplink is sufficient for Remote Participants.
Which 360° cameras do you support/recommend?
For the most current information on which 360° cameras we support and recommend, click here.
Do you need a live 360° video stream to have a meeting?
No, you do not need a live stream to host a meeting. You can use the Avatour platform for a standard video call, or to share pre-recorded 360° content.

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