Avatour for Logistics & Supply Chain

Better visibility of your Logistics & Supply Chain facilities with 360° Video Collaboration​

Virtual Warehouse Tours

Allow clients and stakeholders to remotely visit and inspect warehouse operations. These tours can be instrumental in reviewing inventory management processes, understanding the layout and logistic operations, and assessing the efficiency of the facility.

Real-time interaction during the tours allow participants to ask questions and get immediate answers, facilitating an informative and immersive experience.
man conducting marketing and sales tours in warehouse

Remote Facility Management

Facility managers can utilize the Avatour platform to monitor and manage operations remotely.

This includes real-time surveillance of physical spaces, overseeing maintenance work, managing on-site personnel, and coordinating with other stakeholders.
man in virtual reality headset

Health & Safety Audits

Avatour enables remote audits, allowing inspectors or auditors to conduct comprehensive evaluations of facilities without being physically present.

Through live video feeds, auditors can direct on-site employees to show specific areas or procedures, ensuring a thorough and efficient inspection process. This also allows for immediate feedback and faster implementation of any necessary corrective actions, enhancing the overall safety and compliance of the operation.

Enhance Project Management

Monitor and assess project progress remotely to spot issues early, make decisions quickly, and adjust plans proactively.

Improve Job Site Safety

Conduct inspections and meetings remotely to decrease the number of meetings on site, and mitigate risks and improve overall safety.

Cost Effective Quality Control

Maintain high standards of quality with more frequent and thorough inspections without the added cost of travel.

Boost Collaboration

Bridge the gap between remote stakeholders and on site personnel with an intuitive and visual way of understanding project progress and challenges.
“Avatour has been a game changer for us because it’s truly immersive - it allows our customers to engage in the operation.

It’s as close as they can get to being there without being there.''
Leo Donatelli
Director of Business Development

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