Remote Training

360° Remote Training Software
for Location-Based Instruction​

Location-based training software that makes it easy to share live and recorded training for locations and processes.

Remote training with Avatour’s Web and VR training solution

Cost-Effective Training​

Create immersive training experiences at a fraction of the cost of traditional VR training solutions.

Ease of Implementation

Most VR training solutions require creating an entire 3D environment. Avatour simply requires a 360-degree camera.

Better Accessibility

Remote participants have the option to join the immersive experience via all devices: VR headset, computer, tablet, or smartphone.


Use both live and pre-recorded capabilities for a variety of training use cases.

Experience in Two Ways

man in virtual reality headset

Virtual Reality

Join with a VR headset for a complete, immersive experience.

Click here for more information on compatible VR headsets.
man using avatour on the web

Web Browser

Join with any modern web browser on a computer, tablet, or smartphone, for a convenient viewing experience.

Explore by clicking and dragging to look around.
avatour vr training experience

Live Remote Training Sessions

Set up live training sessions at sites and facilities with a 360° field of view.

Each remote participant can look around freely as they would in person.

Record On-site Activities to Analyze and Discuss

Record and upload on-site activities directly to the Avatour platform.

Invite subject matter experts (SMEs) and other collaborators to analyze recordings and discuss findings.
image of avatour workspaces for asynchronous collaboration

Organize and Manage Access to Recorded Training Assets

Easily manage 360° videos and other assets for team collaboration.

Grant and manage access to individual training assets to view asynchronously.

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