Avatour for Manufacturing

Manage and monitor your facilities remotely, without the added costs of travel.

factory workers conducting a remote factory acceptance test

Remote Factory Acceptance Tests

Verify the quality and compliance of manufactured equipment or systems without stepping foot on site.

Remotely observe and evaluate the equipment in operation, interact with the manufacturing team, and review the test results as if you were there in person.
man conducting marketing and sales tours in warehouse

Marketing & Sales Tours

Provide clients and stakeholders with an innovative and immersive way to experience the factory floor, virtually.

This approach offers a comprehensive view of the facility without disrupting operations, making it an effective tool to showcase the facility’s capabilities.
workers conducting a remote gemba walk

Remote Gemba Walk

A remote adaptation of the traditional gemba walk, a remote gemba walk allows remote managers and stakeholders to observe operational workflows and procedures without the added cost of travel.

Remote gemba walks are an innovative approach for maintaining continuous improvement and operational oversight across multiple locations.

Faster Time to Resolution

Identify, address, and resolve issues on site more quickly, by enabling more efficient collaboration with remote stakeholders and subject matter experts.

Ensure Compliance Remotely

Facilitate remote audits, ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations without travel.

Cost Effective Quality Control

Maintain high standards of quality with more frequent and thorough inspections without the added cost of travel.

Boost Collaboration

Bridge the gap between remote stakeholders and on site personnel with an intuitive and visual way of understanding project progress and challenges.
“By using what feels like in-person, remote live features, the 360° experience gives our customers that feeling like they are walking through the facility
Lou Hughes
CEO, Beyonics

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