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Built for On-Site Meetings

Avatour is the only video conferencing platform designed for collaboration and communication around physical spaces. The unique ability to interact in a 360° environment lets users share the context of the location visually, for an enhanced remote collaboration experience.  

Click and Drag | 360° View

Participants in the meeting have the ability to click and drag to look around the complete panoramic view when a live or pre-recorded 360° video feed is available.

Each participant can look around independently of one another, and maintain control over their own view within the 360° environment.
image of avatour workspaces for asynchronous collaboration


Workspaces are an organization tool that allows you and your team to organize your Avatour content in a way that suits your workflow.

They serve as shareable containers for your assets – 360° videos, images, and documents – for people who need to access them.

These assets can also be accessed during a meeting when scheduled using the unique meeting code that corresponds with that specific Workspace.

Secondary Camera

The secondary camera feature allows you to look at objects in much greater detail by streaming video directly from a smartphone, tablet, or webcam.

The secondary camera feed can display along with a live 360° video stream or by itself.
man with virtual reality headset on Avatour

Virtual Reality Compatibility

The Avatour platform is VR compatible, to provide remote participants with a fully immersive experience.

Meetings can be joined via VR headsets, and other devices simultaneously, to provide a flexible collaboration experience.

Guest Point-of-View Indicators

White, circular indicators will show you where other remote participants are looking in the 360° field of view.


Remote users can "point" or highlight a specific area of interest within the 360° environment.The camera operator and other remote users will then see the area of interest highlighted by an orange, circular indicator.

Quick Capture

Record and upload 360° video and photos directly from the camera to the Avatour platform in a few simple steps.

Snapshots & Annotations

Capture snapshots in 360° or in 2D, and add optional notes and comments for later review.

Efficiency Estimates

Track travel cost savings, time savings, and Co2 reduction numbers in your Host dashboard.

Asset & Screen Sharing

Share your screen, as well as pre-loaded cloud assets (360 videos, images, etc) in your Avatour meeting -- perfect for checklists, training videos, and more.

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