360° Virtual Inspection Software for Sites & Facilities

Bring inspectors and stakeholders on site virtually, using 360° video, and conduct remote inspections from anywhere

Why 360° Video?

360° video offers a comprehensive and immersive view of a space, surpassing traditional video conferencing. Remote participants in Avatour meetings can freely explore the 360° panoramic view, for an enhanced understanding of the site or location.

Conduct Inspections in Real Time​

Conduct live remote audits with Avatour's virtual inspection software.

Multiple subject matter experts, stakeholders, and other participants can join the inspection at once - each with control over their own 360° view.

Record Inspections, Take Snapshots, and Review as a Team​

Easily record the complete inspection session in 360° and upload directly to the Avatour platform.

Review 360° videos and other assets asynchronously, or as a team, and discuss findings in an Avatour Meeting.
a man using virtual inspection software

Schedule Inspections and Manage Collaborator Access​

Schedule inspections, send e-mail meeting invitations, and manage access to recorded assets in the Avatour Console.

Step 1: Get the Kit

Avatour offers a complete kit that includes everything you need to get started.

The kit includes a 360-degree camera, an extendable stick, a tripod base, bluetooth audio, and more.

Step 2: Invite Participants

Log in to Avatour either on a web browser or on the mobile Host App.

Set up a meeting with a unique meeting code, and invite guests via email.

Step 3: Run the Inspection

Join the meeting and start sharing your live 360° feed.

Remote participants maintain control of their own 360° field of view, with built-in tools for a highly interactive experience.

Ready to Get Started?

Get in touch with us today to see Avatour's virtual inspection software in action.

What are the bandwidth requirements?
The requirements are different between Operator (on site) and the Participants (remote) when running a live virtual tour.

For the Operator, uplink bandwidth can be tuned from a minimum of 2mbps up to as high as 10mbps; since a sustained uplink is required, a good rule of thumb is to double the target bandwidth. So a minimum sustained uplink of 4mbps is sufficient. Downlink bandwidth requirements are lower and usually not an issue if sufficient uplink is available.

Each Participant requires enough downlink to receive the stream. 1mbps uplink is sufficient for Remote Participants.
Do you need a Wifi connection at the location?
WiFi is preferred, but a WiFi connection is not required at the location.

4G LTE cellular service is generally sufficient for uplink in the 2-6mbps range. We recommend the use of 5G where available, as uplink is generally more robust and higher bandwidth. Avatour works well with Starlink connections as well.

Where connectivity is unavailable, Avatour can record offline and upload for later review.

Click here for more information on Avatour connectivity requirements and how to assess connectivity at your site.
How many people can join the inspection?
Up to 20 remote participants can join the meeting using a standard web browser on a smartphone, tablet, or computer, with the option to use a VR headset.
Are Avatour meetings secure?
Yes. Avatour uses industry-standard encryption for all visual and auditory content captured during the remote visual inspection.

Click here for more information, or contact us directly.

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