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Do you need a 360° camera?

If you already own a compatible device from Insta360 or LabPano, please choose "No Camera."
Discounts and bundle pricing will be applied at checkout.

Pilot PanoX
  • Runs Avatour directly on-screen for best usability
  • 2x 1/2" sensors for 5.7k video capture and 12k still capture
  • Includes lens protector
No Camera
If you already own a compatible 360 camera, you can purchase the Avatour service alone.

We strongly recommend our accessory kits, which include a collapsible tripod and other carefully selected components to make your Avatour experience as smooth as possible.

Choose from the Basic Kit, which includes our extendable selfie stick/tripod combination and a soft-sided case, or the Pro Kit, which adds a Bluetooth mini-speakerphone, a high-quality multi-port charger, and a rugged Nanuk carrying case.

Basic Accessory Kit
  • SanDisk 64GB Extreme Plus SD card
  • Collapsible mini-tripod (60" fully extended)
  • Lens cover
  • Soft carrying case
Pro Accessory Kit
  • Noxgear 39g mini-speakerphone
  • Anker multi-port USB charger and cables
  • SanDisk 64GB Extreme Plus SD card
  • Collapsible mini-tripod (60" fully extended)
  • Lens cover
  • Shockproof & waterproof Nanuk hard-shell case with custom foam
  • Space for additional accessories
No Kit

The below additional accessories are useful in various environments.
Check the checkboxes to add these accessories to your order.

Ulanzi BG-3 battery
10,000 mAH, tripod-mounted battery providing more than 2 hours' supplementary power.
Shokz OpenComm Bluetooth Audio Headset

Bone conduction open-ear stereo Bluetooth headset with noise-canceling boom microphone. Sits behind the head and does not cover the ears. Works with hard hats and other protective gear. Recommended for noisy environments.
GlocalMe Numen Air 5G/LTE hotspot
Compact 5G hotspot with high-performance Qualcomm chipset. Also functions as backup camera battery. No SIM or service included; contact us for data options or use your own SIM
Exensible Selfie Stick / Tripod
$39 (included in Basic and Pro kits)
Sturdy but lightweight collapsible tripod. Extends to 60" in height and collapses easily for handheld use.
Noxgear 39g Bluetooth Mini-Speakerphone
(included in Pro kit)
Lightweight, small Bluetooth audio speakerphone with magnetic and clip-on mount.
Insta360 Direct Cable Connection (Android only)

Direct cable connection for Android devices and Insta360 cameras with USB-C. Replaces WiFi connection to camera and enables use of WiFi for Internet connection instead. Not compatible with iOS devices, not required for Labpano cameras.
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