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How the Pandemic Changed the Way We Work

Devon Copley the CEO of Avatour joins the show to discuss their 360 degree telepresence solution which came to fruition right as the pandemic hit. This technology has now become a standard for remote meetings, site visits, and site walkthroughs while reducing travel expenses and carbon emissions by up to 80%.

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Pitch the Press Winner – Avatour

The final Geo Week 2022 Pitch the Press Winner – AVATOUR. With COVID-19 effectively eliminating in-person site visits, AVATOUR let’s you share real places in real time using COTS 360 cameras. Learn more at www.avatour.com.

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The 360° Virtual Tour

How Avatour is digitally transforming audits and inspections for the pharma industry According to a report from McKinsey & Company, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of digital technologies “by several years” (1). In many cases, these technologies have transformed the way people work – and they are likely here to stay. 

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Pharma’s hybrid inspection model

Quality and transparency across the entire life cycle of pharmaceutical manufacturing are crucial to safety and access to health care around the world. With the pressure on the industry to produce affordable medication for growing patient populations in developed and developing nations alike, regulatory authorities must ensure that manufacturers continue to deliver quality products. This requires not only full compliance with ever-increasing standards of quality but also full transparency into manufacturing processes.

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A future beyond distance

Site meetings are an integral part of business for life sciences companies — whether supplier audits, internal quality assurance inspections, process reviews, or FDA inspections. Often, these site visits involve traveling long distances to bring auditors, experts, or global teams together. Pre-COVID, the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries spent enormous budgets on travel costs.

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Digitalization Moves Forward

The benefits of digital maturity in pharmaceutical manufacturing were made evident by the COVID-19 pandemic during 2020 and 2021, as the sudden need to develop, manufacture, and distribute treatments and vaccines intersected with travel restrictions, social distancing, and supply chain interruptions.

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Traction for 360° remote site meetings

While COVID-19 has led to an uptick in remote inspections and virtual training, Avatour was working on its remote presence platform before the pandemic. The San Francisco startup’s CEO, Devon Copley, was the head of product, VR platform for Nokia from 2015 to 2017, where he was involved in creating a novel Nokia OZO 360° camera.

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