Bring Visibility to your Facilities with 360° Remote Collaboration

Create a new level of operational efficiency with 360° remote collaboration for logistics

Reduce Disruption with 360° Virtual Visits for Logistics

In Logistics & Supply, every minute matters. Stay on schedule, reduce unexpected downtime, and foster more collaboration across teams with Avatour.

Connecting the Supply Chain

Distance and downtime reduces efficiency.
Avatour changes that with convenience and ease.

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Save Money & Time

Bring Experts On Site Immediately

Collaborate with Global Teams

Reimagine Your Operations

Customer Spotlight: DB Schenker

Avatour has helped DB Schenker:

  • Gain visibility and grant access to their operations for their customers
  • Improve performance on site by remote trainings and auditing
  • Keep people safe and secure while providing support when working from home
  • Reduce CO² emissions by avoiding travel
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Logistics & Supply Solutions

Marketing & Customer Outreach

Use Avatour for account outreach. Bring relevant stakeholders or potential customers on site.

Facility Inspections

Conveniently drop in on a remote site or location and interact as if you were physically present.

On-Site Troubleshooting & Expertise

Easily bring teams or experts on site to solve problems or collaborate in real time without the need to travel.

“One of the most unique components of our virtual warehouse tour is being able to review documents, KPIs, and other important information on screen. This further allows us to enable ‘real’ interaction with our customers around the world.”

Jan Soetebeer
Head of Customer Experience/Marketing Global Contract Logistics at DB Schenker

360° Site Meetings

Be anywhere or bring teams on site in a moment's notice with 360° videoconferencing

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