Built for On-Site Meetings

One Platform, Endless Applications

Distance shouldn't stop you from working together. Avatour is purpose-built to share the full context of a site, enabling remote collaboration without compromising effectiveness.

The Power of the Avatour Platform

Advanced 360° Technology

Avatour’s real-time 360° platform enables remote collaborators to share the context of a real world space.

The Freedom to Choose a POV

Unlike standard videoconferencing, Avatour gives you the power of the full picture. Instead of depending on the camera operator to point in the right direction, each Avatour user can choose any orientation, with independent access to the full 360° context.

Bring People to Places

Say goodbye to time, distance, and logistical restrictions. With Avatour, invite up to 20 guests to experience a remote location, regardless of where they are in the world.

More Features

360° Recordings

Record an Avatour session, or entirely offline. Share recordings in an Avatour session for collaborative review.

Secondary Camera Sources

Experience detailed capture within full 360° context. Avatour supports an additional shared 2D camera feed to capture close-up details.

Snapshots & Annotations

During a live or pre-recorded Avatour session, attendees can store 360° or 2D snapshots, including optional text notes, for later review.

Asset & Screen Sharing

Avatour permits sharing of both the computer screen and pre-loaded cloud assets into a session -- perfect for checklists, training videos, and more.

Technology Fit for Purpose

Standard videoconferencing enables face to face meetings. Avatour was made for spaces. Discover the Avatour advantage:

Customer Spotlight: DB Schenker

How DB Schenker Pioneered Virtual Warehouse Tours

“The partnership with the startup Avatour offers us a new dimension of digitization in the contract logistics business. It is essential for us and our operations to stay close to our customers!”
Todd Starbuck
EVP Business Development, Solution Design and Customer Management, DB Schenker

Move Beyond Distance with 360° Collaboration

Avatour is the only 360° collaboration platform with features purpose built to change the way we work. With the ability to bring groups of people, stakeholders, or customers on site and equipped with live collaboration tools, Avatour is helping industry leaders:

Avatour Guest Virtual Reality

Reduce the cost of travel

Save up to 80% on travel while increasing the efficiency of remote site tours, inspections, and training.

Increase transparency and trust

Provide an experience that fosters the trust and confidence of being on site.

Demonstrate Innovation

Innovation in customer outreach underlines your commitment to innovation in everything you do.

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