Introducing Workspaces & the New Avatour Mobile App

Introducing Avatour Workspaces: an organizational tool, providing containers for your assets, meetings, and the people who need access to them. Workspaces are flexible, allowing you to organize your Avatour content in a way that suits your workflow.

Introducing Workspaces & the New Avatour Mobile App

March 10, 2023


At Avatour we’re constantly innovating to make our platform as valuable as possible for our customers. As our customer base continues to grow, we’ve discovered new opportunities to improve the Avatour experience across the many industries and use cases we serve.

This is why we’re introducing Workspaces. Here is a video walkthrough of workspaces in action:

Workspaces serves as a tool to organize your Avatour content in a way that suits your workflow - the image below is an example of what a workspace looks like on the dashboard. They function as a container for your assets, where you can upload 360° videos, images, PDFs, and other documents, directly.

Workspaces are flexible, and how you organize them is entirely up to you - by location, project, client, etc.

Each workspace has a unique, 5-digit meeting code associated to them. Any meetings held using these codes will have access to the assets uploaded to their respective workspaces. For example, videos & images uploaded to "Plant 1 Inspections" in the above image, would be accessible in a meeting held using the code "XJKLP".

Avatour Workspace Mode

You also have the ability to invite colleagues and stakeholders to a workspace as Collaborators. Collaborators can access assets without joining a meeting, and are added via their email address which they can use to sign into the Avatour platform.

Collaborators with the "Edit" role designation have the ability to upload new assets, and delete old ones. Those with the "View" role, simply have access to review assets already uploaded to the workspace.

This way of working is especially helpful when collaborating across different time zones.

Avatour Add Collaborators

The New Avatour App

To support workspaces, we’ve introduced a brand new app for mobile devices and the LabPano Pilot cameras. Along with providing live capture for a meeting, the new app makes it easier to upload pre-recorded assets from your 360° camera directly to your workspaces.

Avatour App Upload Assets

Pre-recorded 360° assets can be created and reviewed with consistent quality and without the hassle of orchestrating a time for everyone to meet. Many of our customers are utilizing pre-recorded assets more and more, and we’re rolling out new features to support these workflows.

Avatour App Choose Camera

Beyond the new workspaces functionality, the new app makes it easier to provide a live 360° capture during a meeting. The new UI helps you choose your 360° device and get it connected to the internet and your Avatour account. We have even introduced a QR code login tool for the Pilot camera, allowing you to share WiFi credentials and login on the Pilot with just a few clicks.

Avatour QR Code App

We’ve got many more features planned for the coming months, so sign up for the Avatour newsletter to stay up to date on all things Avatour.

Thanks for reading.

Joe Kane
Head of Design & Product

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