Avatour vs. Matterport

We often come across people who are interested in understanding how our technology stacks up against others in the market, such as Matterport and similar spatial capture platforms.

Avatour vs. Matterport

July 24, 2023


We often come across people who are interested in understanding how our technology stacks up against others in the market, such as Matterport and similar spatial capture platforms.

In response to this curiosity, we’ve created this article to provide a comprehensive comparison between Avatour and Matterport. This analysis will delve into differences in hardware, applications, user experiences, and in what situations should you pick one over the other.

Whether you’re considering integrating immersive technology into your operations, or merely aiming to broaden your understanding, we believe this comparison will be instrumental in guiding your decisions.


At a quick glance, Matterport and Avatour look quite similar. However, there are some significant differences, starting with the hardware.

Matterport primarily uses 3D scanning devices that capture high quality images of a space to create a digital twin. With that said, Matterport also works with a range of 360° cameras and some smartphones. These cameras capture multiple images at various viewpoints that are then stitched together to create a comprehensive and interactive 3D model. Matterport systems do not capture video, and can’t be used to capture and share activities within a space.

camera operator holding 360 degree camera in warehouse

Avatour, on the other hand, uses a 360° camera to live stream into a virtual meeting where multiple collaborators can look around freely, as if in person. The hardware is customizable depending on the needs of the operator, but typically, the Avatour kit includes a tripod base and extendable stick. Avatour is currently compatible with cameras from Labpano and Insta360.


Matterport is perhaps most well-known for its applications in real estate. Realtors and property managers use it to create interactive 3D virtual tours of properties, allowing potential buyers or renters to explore spaces remotely in great detail at their own convenience.

It’s also used in Construction and Architecture: Matterport’s platform can capture and create precise 3D models of buildings and spaces, useful for architects, engineers, and construction professionals. It aids in design visualization, progress tracking, and even post-construction documentation.

Avatour’s main differentiator is the use of live & recorded 360° video instead of a static scan or photo.

Live meetings allow remote users to immerse themselves in real-world locations while interacting and engaging with the person on site. Remote users can not only observe the space in 360°, but are able to collaborate with others with that spatial context. Applications of live meetings are broad and include remote inspections and audits, tours, walkthroughs, and more.

Users can also record experiences in 360° to share and view later. Unlike Matterport’s static scans, these recordings are dynamic and capture what’s happening in the space, not just the space itself. It’s the ideal tool for live tours, training sessions, or archival of events in significant locations. Recorded experiences provide the viewer with the flexibility to view at their convenience and can be accessed on-demand.

User Experience

Matterport is designed to deliver an intuitive and immersive user experience that brings physical spaces to the virtual world in an easy-to-navigate format. Regardless of whether you’re capturing the space yourself or taking advantage of their full capture service, Matterport provides a comprehensive view of the space from different perspectives.

3D models provide a far more immersive experience than static images or traditional videos as users can also view the space from a “dollhouse” or floor plan perspective for a better understanding of the layout. But because Matterport is not collaborative, you can only experience the 3D models individually.

Avatour’s user experience is different in two key ways:

First, Avatour captures 360° videos, not images or scans. This means what Avatour is capturing goes beyond the space itself, to capture the dynamism of activities within the space – what’s happening in that space. Live 360° allows you to bring physical spaces to remote users in real-time, and recorded 360° allows you to relive the experience on demand.

Second, Avatour is designed from the ground up for collaboration. The purpose of Avatour is to enable multiple remote users and collaborators to be immersed in the space together, while maintaining individual control over their field of view (FOV).

Why one over the other?

Avatour and Matterport serve different purposes. So when is one better than the other?


  1. Visualizing Spaces → Matterport is well-known in real estate for a reason. When the topic of discussion is the space itself, a 3D model is superior to a 360° video.
  2. Progress Tracking → Spatial capture platforms such as Matterport, Openspace, and Holobuilder enable 3D captures of buildings and spaces at every stage of a project. By capturing scans at regular intervals, they can provide a visual timeline of the entire process.


  1. Exploring spaces in real-time → Live 360° video allows remote users to explore spaces in real-time rather than a scan that was taken at a specific point in time.
  2. Exploring spaces as a group → Although you can share Matterport scans with collaborators, Avatour allows you to explore the space together. Using either live or recorded 360° video, up to 20 remote users can join, each with control over their own view.
  3. Observing, discussing, and evaluating processes → Avatour excels when the topic of discussion is about activity within a space – what’s happening in the space. Avatour live 360° allows remote users to observe processes and workflows in real-time, while Avatour recorded 360° gives them the opportunity to review at their convenience.


Hopefully this overview was helpful in understanding the differences between Matterport and Avatour. To recap:

Matterport delivers an immersive user experience that brings physical spaces to the virtual world via a precise, high-quality 3D scan. It’s the ideal tool to allow remote users to explore spaces in great detail from various angles and viewpoints.

Avatour delivers a collaborative, immersive experience that brings remote users to real-world places. It allows multiple people to not simply explore the space, but also observe and experience what’s happening on site while maintaining control over their individual view.

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