Remote Collaboration
for On-Site Meetings

Bring stakeholders on site virtually with live 360° video

Creating a World Beyond Distance

Avatour is empowering companies all over the world to:

Save Up to 80% on Travel

Be on site anytime, anywhere without the need to travel. Reallocate travel funds into other areas of business innovation.

Bring People to Places​

Traditional videoconferencing was made for faces. Avatour was created to connect people with places. Every guest has the freedom to navigate through a space and choose their own perspective.

Avatour Guest Virtual Reality

Reduce Carbon Emissions

Meet your carbon reduction targets by substituting business travel with Avatour. Let's create a greener world, together.

The Power of Avatour’s 360° Platform

Real Time


Record &

& Annotate

Redefining Operations with Avatour

Industry leaders are integrating Avatour’s remote collaboration platform to reduce unnecessary travel and save time.

Remote Inspections

Conduct a variety of remote visits including internal quality control, supplier audits, and third-party certifications and consulting. With Avatour, inspectors can choose their own perspective and move about a space freely, as if physically present.

Remote Tours

Host an interactive and immersive remote site tour to give visitors the experience of a place as if they were there. Host a session in real time or record for later viewing.

Remote Training

Take advantage of hands-on training without the need to travel. Invite trainees, employees, or collaborators to experience site-specific training in real time, from wherever they are.

Our Customers

Avatour is used by leading organizations around the world

What are Virtual 360° Meetings for Business?

virtual tour
Avatour's 360° meeting platform for business offers a new form of communication specific to a location. The platform enable remote site visits with full suite of collaboration tools and 360° recording.

Using an off the shelf 360° camera, Avatour lets you host virtual tours, remote inspections, and training sessions in real time and without sacrificing quality. Avatour provides best-in-class VR for business solutions and is used by leading organizations around the world.

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