Remote Collaboration
for On-Site Meetings

Facilitate site visits virtually, and bring stakeholders on site instantly.

The Avatour Experience

Avatour Experience

Click and Drag to Look Around

Be There in Real Time

Set up live virtual meetings at your sites and facilities with a complete 360° view. 

Each remote participant controls their own view, enabling them to look around freely, just as they would in person.

Share Immersive Experiences

Easily record and upload 360° tours, inspections, and other on-site activities with the Avatour App.

Invite customers, collaborators, and colleagues to virtually collaborate on Web or VR.

avatour dashboard

Organize and Manage Assets

Easily manage site captures and other assets for team collaboration. 

Schedule and send invitations, add and edit annotations and generate reports.

Remote Collaboration for Real-World Use Cases

Reduce travel for multiple applications

Conduct live remote inspections with better visibility.

Remote inspectors can look around freely in 360° while interacting with on-site personnel in real time.

Invite guests to tour your sites and facilities virtually, with a live 360° experience. 

Join in VR for a complete, immersive experience.

Cost-effective remote training solution for location-based instruction.

Create immersive and interactive training experiences for remote participation.

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Enabling Teams to Meet On Site - Virtually

Complete Visibility

Existing virtual meeting platforms have a limited field of view (FOV). Avatour gives each remote guest the ability to look around freely as if in person.

Save Time

Save remote participants from hours of travel. Meet and collaborate on site virtually for improved efficiency. 

Save Money

Reduce the need to travel to save on direct costs of travel: airfare, lodging, meals, ground transportation, etc. 

Reduce Carbon Emissions

Make a significant impact on organization’s annual carbon reduction targets with virtual on-site meetings.

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