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What power management and audio options do I have for my 2.x Host Kit?

This guide walks through the best options for getting additional power and using Bluetooth audio options with your Pilot One camera during sessions

Maintaining power during sessions is crucial and due to this we have researched and tested multiple different options to allow sessions to last from 3 hours to indefinitely, depending on the power options attached that we will detail below. 

Along with power, we understand clear and consistent audio during sessions is important and  help provide using a mixture of Bluetooth devices to provide a quality audio experience once connected that we will also overview

For the best experience with Avatour, we highly recommend charging the 360 camera and components for a minimum of 90 minutes before a scheduled session.

External Power Options

Option 1: External Power with bluetooth adapter

For cases where indefinite power is needed and AC outlets are available, the best solution would be to utilize the USB Charger included in your kit. This can be connected by attaching the USB C cable to the Bluetooth adapter plugged into your camera and the opposite end to the USB C port on the USB Charger as illustrated below


Option 2: Power Bank with bluetooth adapter connection

When mobility and extra power are required, the recommended option would be to use a mountable USB power stick to recharge on the go. An example of how this assembly would look and of the proper connection to the bluetooth adapter is below



Connecting and using your bluetooth audio devices with AVATOUR

Option 1: Jabra Evolve 65 2 Mono Headset

For optimal audio quality during sessions, we provide a Jabra headset within your kit that connects wirelessly to the Bluetooth adapter attached to your camera

To initiate a connection, power on the device by sliding the button at the bottom of the headset. A phrase confirming "1 device connected" should come through the headset as this is pre-paired prior to s


Option 2: Bose Soundlink Micro

 For scenarios where multiple hosts are speaking and mobility is needed, the Bose Soundlink Micro will be the recommended Bluetooth option.  This particular speaker is able to be mounted onto your AVATOUR equipment through the clip on the back of the device and used in sessions where navigating through environments with quality audio is needed.  An image of this mounting setup is included below



Option 3: Jabra Speak 510

Alternatively, when multiple hosts are present or in certain indoor environments the Jabra speakerphone within your kit is another Bluetooth option that would pair with the Bluetooth adapter. 

To connect, press the Power icon in between the green and red phone icons. The speakerphone should then automatically pair wirelessly with the adapter indicated by a blue light above the Bluetooth icon and audio confirmation of “PC connected”  when successfully paired.


Option 4: Other Bluetooth devices

You might wish to use a Bluetooth device other than the ones included in your kit. The included Bluetooth adapter is configured to automatically pair with other bluetooth devices under the following conditions:

  1. Ensure any already-paired Bluetooth devices are turned OFF.
  2. Plug in the Bluetooth adapter and power on the Pilot camera. The blue light on the adapter should blink, indicating it’s ready to pair.
  3. Power on the device you wish to pair, and set it to pairing mode. Within a few seconds, the blue light should turn solid blue or green; either way this means the device is now paired.

If the above instructions don’t work, you will need to use the Jabra Direct software on a compatible computer in order to pair your device manually. Visit the Jabra website to download Jabra Direct.