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What meeting tools are available to remote guests on the web?

This article explains all meeting tools available to your remote web guests who are using a desktop/laptop, mobile phone, or tablet.

Meeting Window

Screenshot 2023-10-23 at 4.12.40 PM

Listed below is a description of each tool available to remote meeting participants (from left to right).

Screenshot 2023-10-30 at 3.48.57 PM
  •   Assets: Opens the Assets tab and displays a list of Workspace assets that can be presented to all participants.
Screenshot 2023-10-30 at 3.38.11 PM
  •   Chat: Opens the Chat tab for sending instant messages viewable by all participants in the meeting
Screenshot 2023-10-30 at 3.38.53 PM
  •   Notifications: This displays a list of automatic notifications from the host's camera video stream. (EX: Host bandwidth is low)
Screenshot 2023-10-30 at 3.45.55 PM
  •   Camera: Allows you to turn your device's camera on or off
Screenshot 2023-10-30 at 3.46.06 PM
  •   Mic: Mute/unmute your microphone
Screenshot 2023-10-30 at 3.46.21 PM
  •  Present
    • Asset: Opens the Workspace asset list
    • Camera: Presents your webcam or mobile device's camera in the center of the meeting screen. This can be useful to overlay a secondary camera feed when presenting 
    • Desktop: Present your desktop, browser window, or browser tab
Screenshot 2023-10-30 at 3.46.33 PM
  •   Host Tools (for meeting hosts only)
    • Lock Focus: When viewing 360 content (live or recorded), this allows the meeting host to control all participant's point of view
    • Mute All: Mutes all meeting participants
Screenshot 2023-10-30 at 3.46.42 PM
  •   Full Screen: Opens the meeting tab in full screen
Screenshot 2023-10-30 at 3.46.54 PM
  •   Enable Igloo: Allows you to present Avatour in an Igloo environment (Requires a separate license; only relevant when operating an Igloo immersive room)
Screenshot 2023-10-30 at 3.47.04 PM
  •   Exit Meeting: Leaves the meeting and presents our meeting satisfaction survey
Screenshot 2023-10-30 at 3.47.26 PM
  •   Participants: Opens the Participants tab which displays all participants in the meeting, outside of those displayed in the center of the screen
Screenshot 2023-10-30 at 3.47.43 PM
  •   Info: Opens the Meeting Information tab which contains the Workspace name, meeting code, and invite link
Screenshot 2023-10-30 at 3.48.01 PM
  •   Settings: Opens the Settings tab that contains options for choosing translated language, microphone, speaker, camera, and displaying the active streaming bitrate for Live Capture 360 video

Viewing Live or Recorded Video

Screenshot 2024-01-09 at 2.47.49 PM

When watching a live or pre-recorded video, you are presented with the following options:

Screenshot 2023-11-01 at 3.30.10 PM
  •   Snapshot: This feature allows you to capture a 2D or 360° image from the video being presented. This snapshot can then be saved and added to the Workspace assets. There are three snapshot options:
    • 2D Capture: Flat image that only captures your current on screen point of view
    • 360° Capture: 4K resolution 360° image that captures the entire viewable area of the camera
    • SuperFreeze (Live Capture Only): 6K resolution 360° image that captures the entire viewable area of the camera. When selecting this option, the camera operator has to accept the SuperFreeze request before the capture is taken
Screenshot 2023-11-01 at 3.30.19 PM
  •  Spotlight: Allows for one remote participant to use their cursor as a visible pointer (orange circle), which is presented to all meeting participants (including the camera operator)

Screenshot 2024-01-09 at 2.59.19 PM
Screenshot 2023-11-01 at 3.30.29 PM
  •   Show/Hide Guest POV: Enables you to view all other remote participant's point of view, indicated by grey circles

Screenshot 2024-01-09 at 3.04.47 PM

Viewing a Snapshot Asset

Screenshot 2024-01-09 at 3.11.34 PM

After capturing a snapshot, your image will overlay on top of any video you are currently viewing. This image is also only viewable by you until you share or save it to the Workspace assets. Below are the features available to you when viewing a snapshot:

Screenshot 2023-11-01 at 4.22.28 PM
  •   Notes: This allows you to pin a note anywhere on the snapshot. Notes are indicated by this icon
Screenshot 2023-11-01 at 4.28.34 PM
Screenshot 2024-01-09 at 3.11.49 PM
Screenshot 2023-11-01 at 4.22.35 PM
  •   Share (Live Capture only): This will save your snapshot and notes to the Workspace assets and present it to all meeting participants
Screenshot 2023-11-01 at 4.22.42 PM
  •   Save: Saves the snapshot and notes to the Workspace assets

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