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What devices and web browsers can join an Avatour session as a guest?

Guests can join a session using most modern computers and mobile devices. See below for specifics.

Joining an Avatour session from a laptop, desktop, or mobile device is as easy as following a link from your session invitation. However, there are some limitations in browser support, and some technical requirements for best performance.

Supported Browsers

  • Windows 10/11: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge
  • Mac OSX: Apple Safari (version 11 and up), Google Chrome.
  • Android: Google Chrome only.
  • Apple iOS: Safari and Google Chrome.

Minimum Device Specifications

We recommend devices that are capable of hardware accelerated 4k video decode and playback.

PC / Laptop : For a 4K quality experience, you'll need a seventh generation Intel Kaby Lake processor or later. Basically, if your machine is dated before 2017, you may see performance issues, including excessive delay or lag. Alternatively, an Nvidia 10-series graphics card can handle 4K decode instead. 

Phone / Tablet : Android devices enabled with Snapdragon 800 series processors or higher. If you are using a device that is based on Exynos or Kirin chipset, check product sheets to see if it supports 4k decode in hardware.

iPhone: iPhone X and above have support for 4k@30 playback.

iPad:  iPad (6th generation / March 27, 2018) and above
iPad Pro: (3rd generation / October 30, 2018) and above
iPad Mini: (5th generation / March 18, 2019) and above
iPad Air: (3rd generation / March 18, 2019) and above

How to Test if Your Hardware is Compatible

To ensure your hardware is compatible with Avatour, follow these steps:

  1. Run the Avatour Compatibility Test:
    • Click on this link to access the test: Avatour Compatibility Test.
    • Allow the test to run and complete. This will assess various aspects of your hardware and software setup.
  2. Review the Test Results:
    • Once the test is complete, examine the "Device" section of the test results.
    • If your hardware supports hardware-accelerated video decoding, you should see the message: "Performance: Device meets required specifications"

This message indicates that your hardware is capable of running Avatour with the necessary performance for an optimal experience. If you do not see this message, consider the following troubleshooting tips:

  • Update Graphics Drivers: Ensure that your graphics drivers are up-to-date. This can often resolve issues with hardware acceleration.
  • Switch to a Modern Device: If updating drivers does not resolve the issue, consider switching to a different and more modern laptop or mobile device. Newer devices are more likely to have the necessary hardware and software support for optimal performance.