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The feed from my Insta360 One X is spinning slowly.

If the feed from your Insta360 One X is rotating slowly when the camera is stationary, read below for a fix.

The Insta360 One X camera has excellent image stabilization capabilities. However, the stabilization algorithm requires correct calibration of the internal gyroscope (or gyro). Sometimes heat, shock, or other changes cause the gyro to go out of calibration. This will typically manifest as the slow rotation of the video sphere around the vertical axis.

Our friends at EatSleep360 have created a short video tutorial showing how to run a calibration.



We have occasionally seen Insta360 One X devices fail to successfully calibrate the gyro. That is, even after calibration, the 360 image still "spins" slowly during live streaming. If you still have this issue after running the above procedure, contact support for help with a replacement device.