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Sideloading offline content for VR usage

This article walks through steps required for sideloading assets to your VR headset for offline usage

Sideloading files for offline playback

  1. Download the file from the asset library after logging into the Avatour Host Dashboard
  1. Ensure that the file name of the asset matches the asset title. Rename the file to the asset title if it's different
  2. Connect the Oculus Quest or Pico headset to your PC
  3. Allow access to Quest/ Pico's internal storage by granting permissions within the headset
  1. Navigate to "This PC\Quest 2\Internal shared storage\Android\data\com.imeve.avatour.guest\files" from your File Explorer

For Mac OS users, third-party software such as Android File Transfer will need to be installed to gain access to this file directory.


6. Drag and drop (copy) the downloaded file