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Avatour Web

Date: 7/3/2024

The latest release introduces new features for admins. Admins can now configure default settings and restrict changes for users, providing better control over user experience and compliance.

  • Default settings configuration for Admins
    • Account admins can now configure default settings and/or restrict settings changes for users within the organization. This gives admins more control over user experience and compliance.
  • View account usage
    • Admin users can now view the last login date for all users, with accurate reflection moving forward.
  • Background Snapshot Saving
    • Save snapshots in the background, allowing you to return to the live feed or the asset currently being presented without interruption.

Avatour Operator app for Pilot One and Pano

Version: 3.0.93

Date: 3/7/2024

  • Improve AV sync of Quick Captures on Pilot One.
  • Fix issue where video stabilization is disabled after you turn on and off a video mask
  • Fix optional in-app updates (goes into effect from next update)

Avatour Operator app for Android

Version: 3.0.86

Date: 1/30/2024

What's New:

Wireless Streaming from Insta Cameras

The Avatour Operator App now supports wireless streaming with Insta cameras. Discover and connect seamlessly over Bluetooth, enabling quick captures and live meetings without the hassle of a wired USB connection. When connected wirelessly, the app utilizes cellular data for live meetings.

Offline Mode

Avatour's Operator App now offers an Offline Mode for quick captures and asset uploads without an internet connection.

360 Camera Tutorial

Operators can now access a tutorial providing best practices for using a 360 camera with Avatour.

Support for One RS 1 inch

Avatour Operator App extends its compatibility to include Insta 360's One RS 1 inch, alongside One X, X2, X3, R, and RS models.

Avatour Operator app for Pilot One and Pano

Version 3.0.68
Date: 12/3/2023

What's New:

Tutorial Screens with Best Practices:

Learn the ropes with our newly added tutorial screens, providing you with best practices for efficient camera operation. 

Improved Internet Reachability Test:

Our latest update includes improvements to the internet reachability test, ensuring a more accurate assessment of your network connection. 

Device Login Bug Fixes:

We've addressed and resolved various bugs related to device login. Enjoy a smoother login process, providing you with quick and hassle-free access to your camera controls.

Support for Higher Frame Rate Modes:

The Operator App now supports higher frame rate modes, dynamically adjusting frame rates based on the number of participants in the meeting. This enhancement is designed to improve stability during higher participant loads.

Avatour Mobile App for iOS

Date: 9/28/2023

Version: 3.0.4

  • Simplifies wireless connection to Insta cameras using bluetooth discovery.

Date: 9/5/2023

Version: 3.0.3

  • Improve stability of wireless streaming from Insta cameras
  • Increase resolution of quick captures to 4k when using a wired connection to Insta360 cameras
  • Fixed bugs related to asset uploads from the gallery

Date: 8/30/2023

Version: 3.0.0

  • Introducing Quick Capture Mode: We've integrated support for capturing and sharing 360-degree photos and videos directly from the Avatour app using Insta360 cameras. The newly added "Quick Capture" mode is easily accessible from both the Camera and Gallery tabs. Additionally, you can conveniently rename your captures and organize them within specific workspaces prior to uploading.
  • Wireless Live Streaming: We've introduced the capability to conduct wireless live streaming directly from Insta360 cameras. This eliminates the need for a physical cable connection between your phone and the camera. Embracing this wireless functionality is a breeze. Just connect to the camera's wireless access point. For instance, if you're using the ONE X2 model, look for the SSID to might look something like "ONE X2 7VMF4Q.OSC". Upon connection, you'll be prompted to enter a password. The default password for this purpose is '88888888'. However, please note that for streaming over this wireless connection, a robust 5G or LTE data connection is required.

Avatour Platform Updates  

Date: Aug 15th 2023

  • Meeting Recording (Beta)
    • It is now possible to record your Avatour meetings. Each Workspace has a setting which enables recording for any meeting that takes place in that workspace. This is a preliminary version of meeting recording which records the audio from participants and any live captures from a 360° camera. Future versions will also capture the participant videos and anything that is presented during the meeting. Note: Recording is currently in beta and is available upon request. Please contact your Customer Success representative if you would like access to the feature.
  • Quick Capture
    • The Avatour Operator App can now be used to capture 360° videos and photos. Videos captured within the app are optimized for use on the Avatour platform, greatly reducing upload and processing times. Quick Capture can also be used without a network connection, so you can capture wherever and whenever you need to and upload later.
  • Operator Share Button
    • The Operator App now has a Share button, making it easy for 360° camera operators to share an invitation to their Avatour meeting. On iOS and Android mobile devices, the Share button will copy the invite link and open up the device’s native sharing menu. The Share button on Pilot cameras will serve up a QR code which can be scanned using a mobile device.