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Release History: Avatour VR app for Meta Quest

Release history for the Avatour VR app for Meta (formerly Oculus) Quest 1/2, available via Meta App Lab.

AVATOUR app for Quest

Version 3.0.12

Date: Mar 28th, 2023

  • Login
    • VR users are now prompted to login to their Avatour account. Once logged in they will see their workspace list. Whether logged in or not, users can still join a meeting by typing in the 5-letter meeting code.
  • New UI
    • The VR user interface has been redesigned, providing a consistent look and feel to the various tools and options.
  • New Seat Map
    • The seat map has been redesigned, making it easier to see who is in the meeting. You can now mute other participants by hovering over their name in the seat map.

Version: 1.11.9

Date: Nov 18th, 2022

  • Hands
    VR users can now see hands for the other participants in the session, bringing more possibilities for expression and immersion to the VR experience.
  • Asset Player Notifications
    Participants will see a notification when another participant opens, closes, pauses, or resumes an asset during a session.

Version: 1.10.4

Date: Oct 12th, 2022

  • Support for PDF asset type
  • Support 360 video streaming in cubemap format for better visual quality

Version: 1.9.6

Date: Aug 17th, 2022

  • Redesigned Keyboard with Japanese Support
    • The look and feel of keyboard has been updated. You can now switch to a Japanese keyboard for chat and name input

Version: 1.8.9

Date: July 15th, 2022

  • Spotlight tool
    • The new Spotlight tool enables remote users in a virtual reality headset to highlight a portion of the 360° environment, allowing session participants to “point” and call attention to an area of interest. Other remote users will see the highlighted area to the side of their screen and can click on it to automatically rotate to the area of interest.
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed garbled japanese translation 
    • Japanese UI formatting issues 
    • Snapshots taken in VR while using japanese language don't show in the asset library
    • Mic status is incorrectly displayed for guests joining from a VR headset

Version: 1.7.2

Date: June 9th, 2022

  • Notifications 
    • A new Notification system will alert session participants if their bandwidth is low, and other situations that may have an impact on the session experience.

Version: 1.5.28

Date: May 4th, 2022

  • Join as a Spectator in VR
    • Users can now join a session as a Spectator in VR using a session’s Spectator Code (Spectator access must first be turned on in the Session Settings).

Version: 1.5.21

Date: April 19th, 2022

  • Drawing in VR
    • VR users can now draw on snapshots after taking the snapshot. Drawings are saved as part of the image and will also be visible when exporting the snapshot from within the console (available in the Asset Details panel)
  • Custom 360° Background for VR (Enterprise customers only)
    • Enterprise customers can now upload any 360° image (equirectangular format) to use as a background in VR during sessions. The image can be uploaded in the console via the Settings tab under Customization settings.

Version: 1.4.11

Date: Mar 12th, 2022

  • Changing seats : VR users can now select an empty seat on the Seat Map to move to a new seat.
  • Redesigned Asset Carousel : The Asset Carousel interface has been redesigned to show thumbnail previews of the assets in a large, draggable carousel. Any assets created and saved during the session are immediately available in the carousel as well.
  • VR users can now request a SuperFreeze from the 360° capture device in order to see a higher resolution 360° still image.

Version: 1.3.0

Date: Feb 02nd, 2022

  • The Avatour VR app has been completely overhauled to maximize performance. All 20 guests are now visible in VR, including participants joining from desktop or mobile devices.
  • VR users can now open a seat map to view a list of participants in the session, with the ability to change seats coming soon!

Version: 1.0.26

Date: Dec 12, 2021

  • Stability and Performance updates
  • UI/UX Fixes and Improvements
  • Added Exit session confirmation in VR
  • Added Display session code information in the carousal
  • Display application version label in session lobby and settings / more popup of HUD
  • Make screenshot preview windows draggable
  • Added Fade animation to 2D & 360 screenshot window
  • Reduced app package download size by approx. 60 MB to 120 MB

    Bug Fixes: 
  • Fixes the occasional crash when joining a session that has a 2d/360 video asset playing
  • Fixed crashes if the Oculus button is pressed
  • Fixed Quest App crashes when web user shares camera or desktop
  • Fixed issues with loading Ready Player Avatars
  • Fixed issues with 2d/ 360 asset playback
  • Fixed a few issues with synchronous playback of assets within a session
  • Fixed orientation and aspect ratio for secondary camera feeds in VR
  • Fixed aspect ratio for screen shares.
  • Removed laser sound when pressing the trigger
  • Removed the duplicate set of Quest controllers visible in post-session lobby (thumbs up/down screen)
  • Prevent VR guest access to asset player controls when guest access to session assets is disabled
  • Fix issue where host stream & 360 asset are playing on top of each other (interact one another)
  • Fixed UX issues that make renaming a snapshot or typing a chat message difficult with the main menu that keeps popping up.  
  • Fix app freezes when saving a snapshot to assets, or closing the asset carousal