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Release Notes

Release History: Avatour mobile app for iOS

Release history for the Avatour mobile app for iOS, distributed via the Apple App Store.

AVATOUR for Apple App Store Release Notes

Version: 1.1.7

Date: Sept 3rd, 2022

  • Fixed a camera offset issue when app is used with One R cameras.
  • Upload videos (mov) from the iOS app
  • Fixed an issue that prevented superfreeze and other assets from being uploaded to cloud storage from behind a proxy server

Version: 1.1.16

Date: Aug 17th, 2022

  • Spotlight tool
    • When a remote participant is using the Spotlight tool, on-site operators using iOS will now see the highlighted portion of the 360° environment on their device screen as well as a preview of the entire 360° environment with an indicator marking the area of interest.
  • Superfreeze
    • The SuperFreeze tool can now be used with the iOS kit, allowing participants to capture a high-resolution 360° still image. Users can place notes on a SuperFreeze image and save the image as an asset within the session. Hosts can use the Avatour Console to export a PDF report containing the image and associated notes.
  • Japanese language support
    • The language in the iOS app can now be switched to Japanese from the Settings menu

Version: 1.0.23

Date: Mar 29, 2022

  • Support webrtc media over proxy server

Version: 1.0.22

Date: Feb 10, 2022

  • Fix application hangs when chat server connection is blocked (behind a proxy)

Version: 2.3.2

Date : Dec 20, 2021

  • Fix reconnection mechanism after network drops

Version: 2.3.1

Date: Dec 8, 2021

  • Fix bugs that prevent app from working behind a network proxy

Version: 2.3

Date: Nov 24, 2021

  • Fix h.264 sdp issues that should support 4k video over webrtc

Version: 2.2

Date: Nov 20, 2021

  • Host app can work with http proxy in a restrictive corporate network. The proxy will need to support websocket connections. 

Version: 2.0.3

Date: Aug 7, 2021

  • Fix bug where guest audio level is low

Version: 2.0.2  

Date: Jul 27, 2021

  • Support for 2.0 infrastructure (webrtc) that lowers delay and improves performance in low bandwidth
  • Display camera preview in the host app
  • Video mask settings to hide parts of the 360 degree video feed.
  • Enabled horizon stabilization and direction lock

Version: 2.0

Date: Apr 27, 2021

  • Platform updates that allow for up to 20 guests to attend an AVATOUR session

Known Issues (as compared to Android)

  • iOS version does not support the 2.0 delivery infrastructure (webrtc) at this time. This implies that iOS version requires a consistent / stable Wi-Fi connection to work well. 
  • Connection diagnostics tools, Camera preview still missing from the iOS version. Please use Ookla's Speedtest utility to check if uplink bandwidth meets minimum requirements. 
  • No camera preview

Version: 1.0

Date: Dec 7, 2020

  • iOS version of the AVATOUR Host app that was previously only available on Android. 
  • iOS version does not include a connection diagnostics tool for testing connectivity, or camera preview at this time.