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Capture Hardware

Purchasing hardware for AVATOUR hosting: Labpano Pilot One

We recommend buying a complete Avatour kit from us, but if you plan to buy your own hardware, here's what you need for a Pilot One setup.

Avatour Kit Components

For ease-of-use and quick deployment, pre-assembled and tested Avatour kits are available directly from us (contact for more information). However, if you want to acquire your own hardware, here's a list of the components you'll need.

1. Camera and required accessories

The Labpano Pilot One is a single standalone device, running the Android app directly. It would be the most advanced and latest 360 camera option for Avatour use.

Option: Labpano Pilot One
Part USA India Germany UK
Labpano Pilot One Professional 360° Camera Adorama Not certified for use in India OEM SeeSense

2. Recommended Mounting Hardware

Most users will require a stand and mount for the camera. A good option is the combination of a mini tripod base and an extendable selfie stick, as linked below. However, any standard 1/4"-20 mount will work. See our article on alternate mounting options for alternatives.

Part USA India Germany UK
Mini Tripod base Amazon Amazon Amazon Amazon
Extendable Selfie Stick (70cm) Amazon Amazon Amazon Amazon

3. Bluetooth Audio Device

While Labpano 360 cameras do permit speakerphone-style communication from the device, the volume is low and the quality is not great. For all but the quietest environments, we recommend an external headset or speakerphone. We have tested dozens of different Bluetooth audio devices and we recommend the following:

Part USA India Germany UK
Office-style headset: Jabra Evolve2 65 Mono Amazon Amazon Amazon Amazon
Portable Speakerphone: Jabra Speak 510 Amazon Amazon Amazon Amazon

4. Wi-Fi Device

For the best experience, we recommend using a dedicated Wi-Fi device. A 4G/LTE router is ideal for use in the field. Here are some options:

Part USA India Germany UK
NETGEAR Nighthawk M1 Mobile Hotspot Amazon Amazon Amazon Amazon
TP-Link M7350 4G LTE MiFi Amazon Amazon Amazon Amazon

For more information and technical support, please visit our support page.