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Purchasing hardware for AVATOUR hosting: Insta360 ONE R

We recommend buying a complete Avatour kit from us, but if you plan to buy your own hardware, here's what you need for an Insta360 ONE R setup


Avatour Kit Components

Avatour Kit Components for Insta360 One R

For ease-of-use and quick deployment, pre-assembled and tested Avatour kits are available directly from us (contact for more information). However, if you want to acquire your own hardware, here's a list of the components you'll need for a setup based on the Insta360 One R camera (for use with compatible Android mobile devices only).

CAUTION: The One R and One RS cameras are available in several different bundles, some of which DO NOT INCLUDE the 360 lens! For Avatour use, be sure to purchase the Twin Edition or the 360 Edition. Other packages (the 4K edition or 1-inch edition) leave out the 360 lens and will NOT work with Avatour.

1. Camera and required accessories

The Insta360 One R comes with a GoPro-style mount and a cold-shoe adapter, but nowhere to put your phone. The minimum required accessories include the connecting cable and a phone/camera mount similar to the one listed below. 

Part USA India Germany UK
Insta360 One R camera: Twin or 360 Edition Only OEM, Amazon Amazon Amazon Amazon
Insta360 Transfer Cable for Android OEM Contact Support Contact Support Amazon
Phone/Camera mount with coldshoe Amazon Amazon Amazon Amazon

NOTE: Only transfer cables procured directly from Insta360 are compatible for Av aTour use. Please ensure you purchase the cable directly from Insta360 to avoid compatibility issues.

2. Tripod or other mounting hardware

A reliable tripod or other mounting hardware is necessary to keep your camera stable during the Avatour session.

Part USA India Germany UK
Camera Tripod Amazon Amazon Amazon Amazon
Mounting Hardware Kit Amazon Amazon Amazon Amazon

3. Smartphone or Tablet (for streaming)

An Android device with sufficient processing power and a good camera is needed to host the Avatour session.

Part USA India Germany UK
Compatible Android Smartphone or Tablet Amazon Amazon Amazon Amazon

4. Power Bank (optional but recommended)

A power bank ensures your setup stays operational for the duration of the Avatour session, especially in outdoor environments.

Part USA India Germany UK
Portable Power Bank Amazon Amazon Amazon Amazon

5. Internet Connectivity

Ensure you have a stable internet connection for hosting and participating in Avatour sessions.

For more information and setup guidance, please contact us at