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How do I install Avatour on the Pilot Pano?

Avatour is available for the Pilot Pano as a fully integrated solution. Here's how to install Avatour onto your Pilot Pano.

Follow the steps provided to install our app


1. On your PC, download our Pilot Pano APK from

2. Connect the camera to your PC via USB-C cable and open the File Storage for the Pilot Pano

3. Click on File Storage and transfer the APK file to the “Download” folder

4. In the camera’s home screen Settings app, go to About and open the Android backend by holding your finger on the Pilot logo above the words “Pilot OS” for roughly 10-12 seconds

5. Swipe up from the center of the screen to bring up the Android apps menu. Launch the Files app from the Android Menu. Navigate to the Downloads folder and select the copied over APK file for install

6. Exit to the Android home screen. Press and hold the Avatour icon and move it to the upper-left position

7. Once the app is installed, you may be prompted for additional updates. After updating, reboot the camera.

8. Open the app, login, and access Settings from the hamburger menu. If you have lens protectors on your camera, confirm that the Lens Protector setting for Live Capture and Quick Capture is set to "Yes"

9. Back on the camera's home screen, access Settings, Screen & Light, and set Screen Timeout to "Never"

10. Lastly, from the same Settings app, navigate to Energy Saver, and turn off "AutoPowerOff"


If the device is not pre-registered, you will see the registration prompt when you first launch the app. Press the Register button and share the displayed authorization code with your customer success manager or email

My automatic updates are not working. How do I reset the app on my camera so updates are automatically applied? 

  1.  Delete the existing AVATOUR app from your Pilot Pano camera by navigating to 'Settings -> Applications ->AVATOUR' and clicking 'Uninstall'
  2. Follow the steps listed above for a fresh install of the AVATOUR app.