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How do I install Avatour on the Labpano PanoX V2 camera?

If you've purchased your own Labpano PanoX V2 360° camera, here's how to set up the device and install the Avatour software.

Power on camera by pressing and holding red button on side for 3 sec

  • If this is the first power-on, there’s a short setup procedure. 
    • Choose English
    • Connect to Wifi
    • Activate camera (NOTE: we have seen activation fail on some WiFi networks with firewalls. If you are unable to activate, try connecting to a different WiFi network.)
    • Choose Start Capturing
    • Swipe down from the top of the screen and select the gear icon to launch Settings
  • Once in Settings, scroll down to choose “System Update.” If there’s an update available, you can click “Download.” When the download is complete, click “Install.”
    • Note that the camera must have at least 20% battery charge to update firmware. Charge it up if necessary. This should install the custom firmware that allows us to switch the launch to “Home app (Launcher2). Instructions to change the launcher mentioned below. 
  • Confirm the following other settings from the Settings menu:
    • GPS: set “Location” to ON and “Auto” is selected
    • Bluetooth is ON
    • Anti-flicker: Auto
    • Screen & Light: Brightness at medium (default, about 40%, is fine), Change Screen Sleep to: 3min
    • Change Keyboard Setting: choose “Native Keyboard”
    • Change “Energy Saver”; Turn OFF  “Auto Power Off”
  • Changing the default app launcher 
    • In the Settings menu, go to “About”
    • Hold and press the logo above “PanoX OS” for 10 seconds.This should give you access to the native android home. Swipe up to access the native Android settings
    • Go to “Apps and Notifications”->Default Apps->Home app. Change the default home app to “Launcher2”.
  • Download and install Avatour app
    • Connect the camera to your PC. The camera should appear as a standard USB drive in Windows Explorer. If you have a Mac, download and install the OpenMTP application to access the camera as a USB drive.
    • Copy the apk from your computer's “Download” folder to the main directory of the connected "PanoX V2" drive.
    • On the Pilot Pano X screen, choose Settings > About
    • Press and hold the Pilot OS logo for 10 seconds. This should take you to the Android menu.
    • Swipe up from center of the screen to bring up the Android apps menu. Launch the Files app from the Android Menu. The Avatour .APK file should appear in the files list. Select the copied over APK for install.
    • Exit to the Android home screen; the Avatour app icon should now appear in the launcher screen. Press and hold the Avatour icon and move it to the upper-right position
    • Choose the Settings menu again, choose Nadir Logo, and switch the setting to OFF.
    • Once the app is installed, you may be prompted for additional updates. 
  • Insert MicroSD memory card into Pilot Nano (SanDisk Extreme Plus 64 GB). Confirm that the SD card is detected by going to Settings -> Storage