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Getting Started

How do I install Avatour on an iPhone or iPad?

Avatour is available from the App Store for Apple iOS devices.

Device Support and Prerequisites

The Avatour iOS app requires iOS 11.0 or later. It is supported on iPhone X (2018) and above, and on 2018 and later iPads as well. It may work on earlier devices, but we don't test and cannot provide support for use on those devices.

The iOS app works well with the Insta360 One X and the Insta360 One R cameras, and does not support Insta360 One X2 at this time. 

Step 1: Set camera to iOS mode, and connect

If you're using an Insta360 camera, you must make sure to set its USB mode to iOS. Here are instructions for the One X (look under "Sync Cable Connection") and the One R.  Use the sync cable to connect the iPhone/ iPad to the camera. 

Caution: One X2 or One R cameras not sold as part of an "Apple Bundle" will not have iOS compatibility and cannot be used for real-time 360° capture with Avatour's iOS app.

Visit this article for more information on iOS compatibility for Insta360 devices.

Step 2: Install and run Avatour app from the App Store

Once installed, login with your host account credentials. 

Step 3: Create a session

You can create a session using the web dashboard or from the within the app. 

Step 4: Check connectivity and uplink bandwidth before starting a session.  

Use Speedtest by Ookla to check the uplink bandwidth over the network you're planning to use. Recommended uplink bandwidth is in the range of 6-10 Mbps with a minimum of 2 Mbps. 

Known Issues and Incompatibilities

The iOS version of the AVATOUR app is lacking in certain functionality as of June 2021.

  • No video preview is shown during live session
  • Connection diagnostic tool is not available 
  • iOS app does not run in background mode. Moving the app to the background to (for example) pair a Bluetooth headset, or take an incoming call can cause the app to crash.