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How do I change the APN on my GlocalMe Hotspot?

This article explains how to configure the APN settings for your GlocalMe hotspot.

The APN setting determines where cellular data traffic is routed. In most cases you won’t need to touch this setting, as it’s configured in advance for your region before your kit is shipped. However, if you plan to use the kit outside of your home country, you may need to change the APN configured on your hotspot.

How to check which APN is configured for your GlocalMe hotspot


1. Swipe to the left to come to the 3rd screen of the GlocalMe hotspot and select "SIM Card Manager"

2. Confirm "5G Network" and "SIM Card" are set to ON. Now, select the "SIM Card" option

3. Select "APN Settings"

4. Your APN will have a green check mark next to its name


Below is a list of APN names for each region our BICS SIM card supports:

North America: "avatour"

South America: "america.bics"

Europe: "bicsapn"

Asia: "asia.bics"


How to add a new APN

If you plan to use your Avatour kit's hotspot in a different region, follow the steps below to add and confirm a new APN:

1. Navigate to "APN Settings" (see steps above)

2. Select "Add New APN"

3. Choose the field named "APN", and type in the name that corresponds to your continent

4. Save this, and don't edit any other fields

5. Select your new APN, choose "Preferred APN," and confirm there is a green check mark next to its name

Video Tutorial


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