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Getting Started

Getting Started with Avatour and Insta360 ONE X / X2

The following guide provides an overview of the topics reviewed during an Avatour Operator Training call

Step One: Assemble the hardware.

If you've purchased a complete Avatour kit, you can follow assembly instructions at this link.

Step Two: Charge the device.

For the best experience with Avatour, we recommend charging all devices a minimum of 2 hours prior to a scheduled session. This includes any hotspots, Bluetooth audio devices, backup batteries, and most importantly the 360 camera.

For longer sessions, hotswapping the battery for a backup would be the solution for extending use time as shown below.

Step Three: Connect to the Internet

  • If you have an Avatour kit with an included LTE/5G hotspot, and you have signal, you should connect automatically to the mobile device when turning this on along with the hotspot. 

  • If intending to use Wi-Fi with Avatour, please review our network requirements guide with a member of your IT team to prevent firewall and security issues and connect to the networks using the mobile devices settings menu.

Step Four: Install the Avatour Software (optional)

If you did NOT purchase an Avatour kit from us, you will need to download and install the Avatour app from the Google Play Store onto your Android device

Google Play Store Download Link:

Step Five: Log In

  • If you haven't yet received an Avatour Host Account welcome email, contact your Avatour representative to request your Host Account.
  • Log in to your account on a mobile or desktop web browser
  • Choose the "Device Login" option

Step Six: Creating Your Avatour Session

Once you have assembled the equipment, powered on the devices, and connected to your network, the next step would be to create the sessions that you will be hosting. For Insta360 users, sessions can be managed and created via the mobile app or desktop. This link shows the process for creating sessions inside of the app.

Step Seven (Option 1): Start Your Live Avatour Session

After creating the session and connecting the USB cable, the next step would be to power on the camera by pressing the bottom button for 4 seconds. Followed by launching the Avatour app on your mobile device.

When starting a session, verifying that the Sync and Comms have green check mark along a video preview feed is essential to hosting a successful stream. If not able to see either of these, it usually indicates that the 360 camera isn't properly connected to phone. Fixing the USB cable connection and ensuring power on both devices will resolve this issue,

Step Seven (Option 2): Start Your Pre-Recorded Avatour Session

Alternatively, if intending to shoot offline videos and pictures for later use in a session, the Insta360 app would be downloaded and used instead of the Avatour application. A full guide on offline recording steps and how to upload this to your Assets tab can be found at this link