Why 360° is Better for Remote Inspections


A remote inspection is a type of inspection that is conducted virtually through digital or electronic means, rather than in-person. This allows inspectors to examine, evaluate, and document conditions from a remote location, using video conferencing, live streaming, or other types of communication tools. 

Remote inspections are becoming increasingly popular, particularly in situations where physical access to the inspection site is difficult or impossible, or simply because it’s significantly more cost effective than visiting sites in-person.

Remote inspections can be conducted in a variety of ways, depending on the specific needs of the inspection. Most businesses typically start by using standard video conferencing tools as its generally the most accessible tool available. However, 360° inspections, or remote inspections conducted using 360° video capture is best when one must evaluate a space like a facility or factory floor.

What are 360° Inspections? 

For the purposes of this discussion, we define 360° inspections as remote inspections conducted using 360° technology to create a real-time experience of a remote location.

360° inspections are currently used to conduct internal audits, supplier audits, facility walkthroughs, and much more. 

Below are five reasons why 360° is better for remote inspections:

1. Larger Field-of-View

360° cameras provide a complete view of the facility by capturing the environment around it all at once. This is especially helpful when inspecting large areas like a warehouse or the factory floor. With a standard video conference, your view is significantly limited.

Take a remote supplier audit for example. With a 360° inspection, you can not only see the conditions of the equipment and facilities, but also get a better idea of the dynamism of the work environment, safety conditions, and more. This information is vital for making decisions about whether to do business with that supplier.

2. Complete Transparency

Transparency is often a key concern when conducting remote inspections. When inspections are conducted via standard video conference (Zoom, Teams, etc), the on-site operator dictates where the cameras are facing and what’s in view. 

The 360° field-of-view allows the inspector to look around freely and direct the inspection. This ensures that auditors have the visibility and control they need to accurately and completely evaluate the site.

3. More effective documentation and records

One of the biggest advantages to 360° inspections is the ability to record the entire process in 360°. We see it all too often when the picture or video needed after an inspection is the one that wasn’t captured.

With tools like Avatour, you have the option to record the inspection to review at a later time. 

Recording the remote inspection process in 360° ensures nothing is missed, and it even offers a second look at the areas of the facility that the auditors may not have noticed as the inspection was going on. These recordings can then be stored and revisited in the future for training, knowledge share, progress tracking, and so on.

4. Improved safety

When conducting inspections in areas that are potentially dangerous like the factory floor or in a warehouse, safety is a priority.

With standard video conference, the camera operator must be extra attentive to where the camera is pointed to ensure the remote inspectors have the visibility they need. This puts the operator at risk of injury or harm as it takes their attention away from their surroundings.

The 360° field of view gives the remote guests the ability to look around freely, so the operator can be more aware of what’s happening around them, preventing accidents and disruptions.



360° inspections offer many advantages over traditional video conferencing technologies when conducting remote inspections. 

They provide better visibility, a higher degree of accuracy, improved transparency, more effective documentation, and improved safety. 

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