What Live 360° Telepresence Can Do for Your Business

In a world of global business and social distancing, live 360° telepresence is becoming more and more important for companies around the world.

With many businesses liaising with, partnering with, and selling to brands in different locations across the globe, live 360° telepresence is the best way to keep us connected virtually. 

Here at AVATOUR, we offer the only live telepresence technology of its kind. While telepresence is impressive enough, live 360° Remote Presence goes one step up. 

At AVATOUR we enable the experience of being ‘present’ in a real place anywhere in the world which is accessible to anyone in the world at any time. All you need is an inexpensive 360° camera and an android mobile device. Once you’ve shared your view, attendees can tap into your location using any computer or mobile device.

But for a truly immersive experience, guests can use a VR headset to explore the location, with the real-time feed allowing them to look in any direction they please.

Sounds pretty amazing, right? That’s just the beginning. Let’s discover how a live 360° Remote Presence can benefit your brand.

Close Remote Sales

Whether you’re a venue, shop, showroom, factory, or property, you can boost your sales with telepresence for business.

As a facility, we all know how important it is for customers to view the spot before making a purchase. That’s whether they’re looking to rent a property or are hoping to find a dream wedding venue for the upcoming big day. 

However, due to circumstances, it’s not always possible to bring buyers to a location. Perhaps it’s difficult to travel due to an individual’s jam-packed schedule. Or maybe the new property or wedding venue is in another country and it isn’t feasible for guests to travel to it?

Whatever the reasons, with AVATOUR, you can bring the location to potential buyers instead, using live immersive 360°. Display the venue as you would to any visiting customer. Show them around, answer any questions in real time, and close that sale. 

With AVATOUR, you can build and strengthen client relationships using the platform. Perhaps you have customers that without AVATOUR, you’d never have the chance to meet. With the help of AVATOUR, you can walk and talk them through your capabilities live which in turn helps increase trust and the bond between you as business partners.

Run Remote Inspections and Audits

Whether you own a property, shop, venue, or any other kind of facility, regular inspections and audits are necessary to check that all are in working order. However, this often requires a lot of travel which eats into productivity. 

Using Remote Presence, you can manage, inspect, and quality-check all types of organizations without having to spend time traveling – no matter where you are in the world.

With AVATOUR, observe a facility and properly assess, inspect, or audit the location from anywhere. That’s whether it’s the building next door, or a spot on the other side of the world.



Transport to a live location within seconds to ensure that operations are up to scratch and that projects are progressing as expected. Ask questions to those that are on-site to reach a better understanding of the circumstances in that spot.

Run partner site visits by inviting investors and other stakeholders to a tour or walkthrough of your venue without the need for travel. With the chance to discuss your capabilities with your partners using Remote Presence, as mentioned, you can help gain trust and build a closer bond with them over time. 

Organize Live On-Site Expertise

As a business, perhaps you require experts to supervise and assist with critical operations. With AVATOUR, you can organize your staff to be available on location, answering questions, and solving issues. Take any space to anyone, any time, anywhere. 

If you need to undertake site surveys, AVATOUR allows you to accelerate the progress of projects by supporting field survey personnel with professionals that can walk and talk them through the plan live. This allows you to welcome on-site specialists immediately, without the need for travel.

As you can imagine, this helps increase productivity and reduces downtime on the road. 

Or perhaps your business often hosts on-site training. With AVATOUR, onboard or train staff by familiarizing them and teaching them about a location before they arrive. This is especially useful if the location is a dangerous working spot, and personnel must learn about the risks before arriving.

With an AVATOUR session, employees can learn about a location while seeing it live. They also have the chance to ask any questions too.

Sometimes, issues can occur on-site that need immediate solving. With AVATOUR, the right experts can transport you there in an instant to help with the problem. They can view the spot live at 360° and can speak to the people that are present at the location to help solve site-specific issues.

While a phone call can help in times of a dilemma, sometimes it isn’t enough, and an immersive Remote Presence helps enormously to help fix an issue in good time. 

Save on Expenditure

As Remote Presence cuts the need for travel expenditures, your business can save money on traveling and accommodation costs. This makes AVATOUR an effective tool to cut your costs and overhead expenses. 

That’s not to mention the increase in productivity you’ll make from reducing all the downtime spent traveling.

Plus, by using telepresence for business, you can reduce travel by air and car, thus also decreasing air pollution, resulting in a greener and healthy climate for all of us. And as more and more customers seek to reduce their carbon footprint, brands that focus on helping the environment are becoming more attractive.

Learn how AVATOUR Remote Presence can work for your business – get started here.

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