Takenaka Corporation Case Study

AEC Titan Takenaka Corporation Drives Innovation with 360° Construction Site Visits

Takenaka Corporation Leverages Virtual Tours to Drive Efficiency and Innovation Across their Organization

The Challenge

  • Takenaka conducts many construction projects, with multiple site visits of stakeholders, architects and engineers etc
  • Frequent travel to site visits involves a routine loss of productivity and travel costs
  • Standard videoconferencing has a limited performance, because of limited field of view

The Solution

  • Avatour 360° remote, real-time, collaboration platform
  • Successfully piloted Avatour at several test locations with internet connection environments
  • Avatour’s ability to work on 5G or LTE networks helped the Takenaka team conduct remote meetings on construction sites as experimental trial

The Result

  • Successfully brings project stakeholders on site without the need to travel
  • Helps Takenaka increase efficiency with site visits
  • Bringing stakeholders on site throughout the project timeline results in reducing obstacles and making faster to understand site situation
  • Utilizing remote collaboration to overcome COVID restrictions and train employees on site remotely

Take a Closer Look:

Takenaka’s Global Research and Innovation Team (GRIT) is in charge of finding and integrating cutting-edge technology which can improve processes in construction and smart cities and reduce carbon emissions.

After being introduced to Avatour during a Plug and Play event, the GRIT team saw an opportunity to use Avatour’s 360° remote collaboration platform for construction site visits.

Unlike standard videoconferencing, Avatour works on both WiFi and local LTE/5G networks, making it a suitable solution for field use with sparse connectivity. Avatour’s 360° view helps give stakeholders complete visibility into the construction site. With viewing autonomy, stakeholders, experts, and other visitors can explore the site on their own terms, choosing their viewpoint and interacting with people on site. Without sacrificing quality, the Avatour platform helped the Takenaka team to travel less frequently to construction sites.

Takenaka case study
takenaka corporation and avatour collaboration
Source: https://www.takenaka.co.jp/

About Takenaka Corporation

Takenaka Corporation is a well-known leader in the architecture, engineering, and construction space.

Founded in 1610 and headquartered in Osaka, Japan, Takenaka is one of the leading general contractors in Japan, with several other offices around the world.

With over 2,400 licenses first-class architects and 1,230 billion yen in annual revenue, Takenaka and its more than 7,000 employees have grown consistently to service both the public and private sectors’ general contracting needs.

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