Takenaka Corporation Selects Avatour’s Real-Time 360° Technology to Drive Innovation and Savings Across Operations

AEC Global Leader Conducts 360° Construction Site Visits Without Travel Giving Stakeholders Full Visibility Across Locations Worldwide

takenaka corporation and avatour partnering

Takenaka corporation and Avatour collaboration

San Francisco, California – May 6, 2022 – Avatour the multi-party, immersive remote presence platform for site meetings, announced that it is partnering with engineering and construction leader Takenaka Corporation to help them enable a true alternative to travel with virtual construction site tours.

Avatour and Takenaka Corporation collaboration platform is purpose-built for site meetings — empowering businesses, organizations, and individuals to visit a real space in real time. The required hardware is inexpensive and entirely portable, opening up a variety of game-changing applications for businesses around the world.

For a construction and engineering giant such as Takenaka, employees regularly travel for site meetings during various phases of the project timeline (meetings, tours, project updates). For a domestic project, there are often upwards of 50 site meetings per year. With varying distances, this means a routine loss of productivity due to commuting – not to mention the high cost of travel.

Takenaka’s Global Research and Innovation Team (GRIT) is tasked with finding and integrating cutting-edge technology which can improve processes in construction and smart cities and reduce carbon emissions. The GRIT team saw an opportunity to use Avatour’s 360° remote collaboration platform for construction site visits. Unlike standard videoconferencing, Avatour works on both WiFi and local LTE/5G networks, making it a suitable solution for field use with sparse connectivity.

“Avatour is very useful as a communications tool because it’s easy to set-up. This is suitable especially for a remote customer tour to the construction site facilities,” said Takahiro Machinaga, Director, TAK-GRIT, Inc.

Takenaka specifically chose Avatour to help them…

  • Gain visibility across global operations facilities
  • Conduct remote training sessions across all operations
  • Save millions in travel expenses, not to mention lost productivity
  • Reduce CO² emissions by avoiding travel, thereby helping the environment

“Our clients are reporting travel savings upwards of 80%,” said Avatour’s founder and CEO Devon Copley. “When it comes to construction/engineering projects, one small obstacle can create a major threat to a project’s timeline and budget. Avatour gives clients the ability to be on site anytime, anywhere. This means Takenaka’s stakeholders can make decisions faster — while saving money and valuable time on travel,” he added.


takenaka corporation and avatour collaboration

About Avatour

Avatour is building a future beyond distance. Its unique real-time 360° collaboration platform connects remote users with the full context of a real-world site, enabling more effective virtual inspections, tours, training and more.

About Takenaka Corporation

Takenaka Corporation is a well-known leader in the architecture, engineering, and construction space. Founded in 1610 and headquartered in Osaka, Japan, Takenaka is one of the leading general contractors in Japan, with offices around the world. With over 2,400 licenses first-class architects and 1,230 billion yen in annual revenue, Takenaka and its 7,000+ employees have grown consistently to service both the public and private sectors’ general contracting needs. For more information, visit http://www.takenaka.co.jp/.

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