Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Avatour

Virtual site meetings foster a greener and more sustainable world

By helping companies switch to virtual
site meetings, Avatour has:

Saved  50000000
Pounds of CO2 in 2020

Equivalent to >>

1000000  Trees
For the environment

The True Cost of Business Travel

Did you know? A relatively short trip from London to Rome carries a carbon footprint of 234kg of CO2 per passenger.

This is more than the average per-capita footprint of 17 countries annually. If global travel was a country, it would rank 5th for highest CO2 emissions.

Create a Greener Future with Avatour

Unlike standard videoconferencing, Avatour provides the viewer the power of the full picture and the freedom to choose their point of view. Using advanced 360° collaboration technology, Avatour can help:

  • Bring experts, collaborators, and teams on site
  • Create an immersive, collaborative environment without the need to travel
  • Facilitate interactions with people and an environment in real time
  • Bring a location or team straight to you

Collaborate Remotely without Sacrificing Quality

Get the best of both worlds by cutting down on travel time and reducing your carbon footprint, with Avatour.

Make the environmentally smart choice and choose remote interactions

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