Quickstart: Labpano Pilot One

Avatour Pilot App

Our app for the Labpano Pilot One camera enables live capture and the ability to upload offline captures. If you did not purchase an Avatour kit, you will need to install the app manually. Visit this Knowledge Base article for steps to download and install our app.

Confirm Internet Connection

To successfully host a live capture in a meeting or upload offline capture assets, your Pilot One will need to be connected to the internet. To validate this, enter the Settings app from your camera’s home screen and select WiFi. Ensure “Open Wifi” is turned on and an available network has been selected. If your camera is unable to connect to a network, follow the troubleshooting steps in this Knowledge Base article.

Check Latest Pilot OS Version

Some issues may be resolved by updating the Pilot OS version on the camera. To do this, enter the Settings app from the home screen and select System Update. This screen will tell you if your OS version is up to date, or allow you to install the latest version.

Audio for Live and Offline Capture

By default, your camera will use its onboard microphone and speakers for live and offline capture audio. To connect a Bluetooth audio device, your camera must be connected to the USB-C hub’s hardwired cable, either directly or with the retractable cable provided in your kit. 

Visit this Knowledge Base article for an overview of recommended Bluetooth audio devices for Avatour meetings.

Launch the Avatour app and Validate Connection

Launch the Avatour app from the home screen and log in. Tap the menu icon in the top right, select Settings, Network, and Network Test. Once confirmed that you receive 3 green checkmarks and your bandwidth graph is displaying, you are ready to begin a live capture.

If you are presented with a Device Login screen, follow the steps outlined in this Knowledge Base article to assign your user to the Pilot One camera.

Select a Workspace and Start Meeting

Avatour organizes live and offline sessions into Workspaces, which are displayed in the Workspace section of your Avatour app. Choose the correct Workspace, and you will be prompted to start your live capture.

Basic Operation

Select the Camera app from the home screen, tap the camera icon in the bottom left of this screen, and select “Stitched Video”. Tap the record button to begin taking an offline capture.

Camera Settings

When in Stitched Video mode, tap the settings icon in the bottom right of the screen.

Avatour recommends the following capture settings:

  • Resolution: 6K 15fps
  • Countdown: Off
  • PilotSteady: On
  • Orientation: Fixed
  • Fragment Storage: 1 Hour
  • Codec: H.265

Uploading in Avatour App

Offline Captures are stored on your camera’s hard drive. In order to add them to the Avatour platform:

  • Login to the Avatour app
  • Tap the menu icon in the top right of the screen
  • Select Upload Assets
  • Choose a capture from the list and tap Upload

Offline Captures are stored on your camera’s hard drive. In order to add them to the Avatour platform, you will need to transfer the capture files from your camera to your computer. From that point, you can upload your offline captures in the Avatour Host Dashboard from your browser.

Saving Offline Captures to PC

  • Connect the camera to your PC via USB-C cable
  • Access Labpano Pilot One “Stitched” folder
  • Save selected capture files to PC

Saving Offline Captures to Mac

To access the Pilot One local files on a Mac, you will need to purchase a compatible USB-C Hub/adapter and install the OpenMTP application. View this Knowledge Base article for more information.

  • Connect camera to Mac via compatible USB-C Hub/adapter
  • Launch OpenMTP to view camera’s local files
  • Access “Stitched” folder
  • Save selected capture files to Mac

Uploading From Browser

  • Visit avatour.live in your Web browser
  • Login to your Avatour account
  • Choose “Assets” from the tab menu
  • Click “Upload Files”
  • Select your desired file (or multiple files) from the file selection window
  • Upload will begin.
  • After upload is complete, the file will be processed, which can take minutes to hours depending on the file size and system load. You will receive an email notification when processing is complete.


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