Quickstart: Labpano Pilot Pano

Pilot One Camera
Hardware Assembly
Assemble Tripod

Connect the Tripod Base with the Extendable Stick. If your kit contains a Power Bank, you may choose to attach it between the Tripod Base and Extendable Stick.

Attach Camera

Attach the Pilot Pano camera to the top of the Extendable Stick. If you plan to connect external power, use the small threaded Extension Adapter packaged in your kit, to allow clearance for the USB-C port.

Rotate the magnetic mount on the Extendable Stick so that it faces the same direction as the camera control panel, and pull the Extendable Stick out to your desired height.
Audio Setup
Audio for Live Capture
Live capture with Avatour requires the use of a Bluetooth audio device, included with your kit.

Most Pilot Pano kits contain the Noxgear 39g Mini-Speakerphone. This is a versatile device which can be mounted to the Magnetic Mount or clipped to clothing. It has good noise rejection and sufficient volume for group conversations in most environments. Bone-conduction Headset

Some Pilot Pano kits contain the Shokz OpenComm bone-conduction headset. This device offers good audio without blocking sound from the environment, along with best-in-class noise rejection. It can easily be worn with protective headgear.

To put on this headset, the strap goes behind the head, and the pads sit in front of the ears. Flip down the microphone so it points at the mouth.

Other Bluetooth Devices
If desired, you may connect any third-party Bluetooth audio device instead. Visit this Knowledge Base article for an overview of recommended Bluetooth audio devices for Avatour meetings.

Audio for Offline Capture
By default, your camera will use its built-in microphones during Offline Capture, which will also capture sound from the surrounding environment. In noisy environments it is best to use one of the Bluetooth audio devices described above during Offline Capture.
Live Capture
Launch the Avatour App
Launch the Avatour app from the home screen. If this is your first time using Avatour at your location you will be prompted to connect to a WiFi network and log in to your Avatour account. You can login manually on the Pano screen or follow the steps outlined in this Knowledge Base article to assign your user to the Pilot camera via the web.

Test Your Connection
Tap the menu icon in the top right, select Settings, Network, and Network Test. Once confirmed that you receive 3 green checkmarks and your bandwidth graph is displaying, you are ready to begin a live capture.

Select a Workspace & Start Meeting
Avatour organizes live and offline captures into Workspaces, which are displayed on the Workspace tab of your Avatour app. Choose the correct Workspace, and you will be prompted to start your live capture.
Offline Capture
Basic Operation
Select the Camera app from the home screen.
pilot one camera app
Tap the camera icon near the bottom of this screen and select the “360 Video” option.
pilot one camera app settings
Tap the record button to begin an offline capture.

Camera Settings

When in 360 Video mode, tap the settings icon at the top of the screen.
pilot one camera app video mode
Avatour recommends the following capture settings:

Resolution: 6K 15fps
Countdown: Off
PilotSteady: On
Orientation: Fixed
Fragment Storage: 1 Hour
Codec: H.265

Upload from Pilot One
Offline Captures are stored on your camera’s SD card, but they may be uploaded to the Avatour platform directly from the Pano camera. In order to upload new captures:

1. Open the Gallery App from the Pano home screen
2. Select the video you would like to upload
3. Tap the Stitch button (bottom center of screen)
4. Choose the Protective Lenses option
5. Tap the Start Stitch button
6. Repeat this process for all the captures you plan to upload

Once the stitching is complete, return to the home screen and launch the Avatour app

1. Tap the menu icon in the top right of the screen
2. Select Upload Assets
3. Choose the capture from the list
4. Tap the Upload button in the asset details view (you can also rename the asset before uploading in this view)
5. Optionally choose any workspaces you would like to add the asset to (the asset will also be added to your Asset Library)
6. Tap the Upload button

After uploading, assets will automatically be processed by the platform. Once complete the assets will be ready to add to a Workspace. Processing time varies based on the size of the uploaded file. You will receive an email once processing is complete.
Export/Upload from Computer
Offline Captures are stored on your camera’s SD card. In order to add them to the Avatour platform, you must first stitch the captures using the Pilot Pano. You can then remove the SD card and upload the capture files to the Avatour platform via a desktop/laptop computer.

1. Remove the SD card from the side of Pano camera
2. Insert the SD card into your computer
3. Visit
avatour.live in your Web browser
4. Login to your Avatour account
5. Choose “Assets” from the tab menu
6. Click “Upload Files”Select your desired file (or multiple files) from the file selection window
7. Upload will begin.

After uploading, assets will be automatically be processed by the platform. Once complete the assets will be ready to add to a Workspace. Processing time varies based on the size of the uploaded file. You will receive an email once processing is complete.

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