360° Remote Presence Technology:

Virtual Inspection Software For Your Properties & Facilities

Our virtual inspection software allows you to visit properties without stepping foot in them.

The Remote On-Site Team Collaboration Tool

Transform your standard 2D video conferencing experience into a 360° immersion. Avatour gives you the confidence of being there, without actually being there. This innovative remote collaboration platform gives you the power of the highest quality virtual tour software in order to let you do your job from anywhere.

Solutions for Property Management

Bring Remote Investors On Site

Give a personal tour of your properties without having to work around a busy travel schedule. Avatour brings people to places in real-time. Yet they won’t feel like they’re sitting at home looking at pictures. This virtual tour will transport them to the property, making them feel like they’re actually there.

360° Renovation Assessments

Assess renovation costs with contractors and potential buyers. Confidently examine the space with 360° Remote Presence technology. Get a second opinion from anywhere. In fact, you can get anyone in the world in the room with you...even if both of you are thousands of miles away from the property.

Property Walkthroughs

Inspect properties from anywhere. Keep an eye on rentals and vacation property. With Avatour, you don’t need a ticket to travel. The very nature of your job means you need to stay in control of every situation and every property. To do so, you need to be in two places at once sometimes. The online collaboration capability of Avatour lets you do exactly that.

The scope of property management can be paralyzing. There’s so many places to be, so many people to coordinate, and so many tasks to be accomplished. Without effective collaboration, success is impossible. Thankfully, there’s AVATOUR. This remote collaboration platform allows you to do your job from anywhere thanks to a 360° experience that puts you in command of any room. Rather than running from place to place, use AVATOUR to transport you wherever you need to be in an instant. No more phoning up person after person. Use AVATOUR to collaborate with anyone and everyone in real time in one place.

How It Works

Get The Gear

You’ll need a low-cost 360° camera, along with a selfie stick and audio headset. These tools enable you to give live virtual walkthroughs while speaking directly with guests.

Schedule Avatour

Using the Avatour Host app on your smartphone or tablet, schedule a time for participants to meet.

Host Avatour

At the meeting time, up to 20 guests from anywhere in the world can use a VR headset, or any mobile device or desktop to join you virtually.

Used by Leading Organizations Around the World

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