Avatour Introduces Pioneering 360° Remote Presence Technology to Attendees at POWERGEN and DISTRIBUTECH Conference

San Francisco, California May 10, 2022 – Avatour, the 360° remote collaboration platform for site meetings, announced that it is partnering with Black and Veatch to introduce conference attendees to Avatour’s revolutionary technology that allows users to experience a real-life 360° tour from anywhere in the world.

avatour and black and veatch collaboration

Avatour and Black and Veatch collaboration – when?

Avatour is exhibiting at the POWERGEN and DISTRIBUTECH conference in Black and Veatch’s booth on May 23rd-25thth, 2022 at Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas, Texas. Attendees can experience a real-time demonstration of Avatour’s technology at booth #4811 at POWERGEN and booth #2115 at DISTRIBUTECH.

The two-day event will display the next wave of innovation that are already shaping 2022 and the power generation of tomorrow. Avatour is advancing two of the most compelling technology megatrends of the future: intelligent automation and the evolution of the metaverse. Attendees can experience first-hand how this game-changing technology can help them be more productive; and use their budget savings for more strategic initiatives.

With the pandemic, travel restrictions posed a huge challenge, especially when businesses like Black and Veatch require on-site tours, inspections, and meetings on a global scale. Black and Veatch selected Avatour because of its unique digital platform helping them to:

  • Save millions in travel expenses and increase productivity
  • Keep employees safe by limiting travel exposure, and reduce disruptions at manufacturing sites
  • Create process efficiencies and improve product quality
  • Create transparency across global operations
  • Reduce CO² emissions by avoiding travel, thereby helping the environment

“We’re excited to be with Black and Veatch at the POWERGEN AND DISTRIBUTECH conference,” said Avatour’s founder and CEO Devon Copley. “Avatour is a category-defining product, enabling more efficient, cost-effective site meetings without travel. We’ll be showing attendees how they can operate more productively, be more innovative, and help the environment by reducing CO2 emissions.” he added.

For more information on Avatour and to experience its 360° immersive technology, visit our blog!


About Avatour

Avatour is building a future beyond distance. Its unique real-time 360° collaboration platform connects remote users with the full context of a real-world site, enabling more effective virtual inspections, tours, training and more. Read our post detailing Apple’s AR/VR Strategy here.

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