How to Bring Experts You Need On-Site Instantly

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Today, many businesses rely on hiring outside experts to boost revenue. This can be in the form of independent contractors, inspectors, temporary workers, or other kinds of freelancers.

These experts offer unique skills and technical expertise that the company would otherwise be unable to access. They can contribute significantly to businesses by providing temporary support.

Usually, such experts would need to be brought to a location to offer their knowledge or advice, usually to a business’s home base or a suitable on-site spot. But thanks to Remote Presence, today, it’s possible to bring experts on-site within a matter of mere minutes.

Let’s go over more of the benefits of welcoming external experts into a business.

The Benefits of Bringing in the Experts

One way bringing in industry experts is beneficial across all fields is because they can help as mentors in teaching a business’s full time staff. Using outside experts’ help is valuable in training and teaching internal staff on how to improve their work and skills.

Industry experts look for ways to teach people who are newer in their profession, while younger and less knowledgeable employees are usually eager for extra training and development. So, hiring industry experts seems to be a win-win situation for both parties.

But it’s not just the experience and career stage many experts are at that makes them valuable mentors. Most industry experts, no matter what field they’re in, have experience building a business, developing strategies, and growing and maintaining essential business relationships. As you can imagine, this type of mindset is valuable for any business owner to introduce to their employees.

As mentioned, in many cases, experienced specialists are brought into companies to train staff on-site, or to give a skill share presentation to teams or even the whole company.

Depending on the speaker’s expertise and status, hiring an expert for such purposes can be expensive. Not to mention, usually, they must travel far, which adds extra expenses for travel and accommodation. 

But what if you could cut out those extra costs, instead bringing the experts instantly to your location?

With AVATOUR, it’s possible. Let’s learn how.

Using AVATOUR to Meet Experts Remotely

AVATOUR allows experts to visit any location, in real-time, using mobile 360° capture technology.

With the help of AVATOUR’s Remote Presence, experts and inspectors are instantly transported to a spot.

Let’s say your staff members are working in construction at a dangerous site, and some assistance is required. An expert can be transferred there within a matter of minutes to help the on-site staff deal with the issue.

Or, let’s say there’s an industry expert that you’d love to book for a presentation for some of your staff members. That individual can present from their location, while up to six of your colleagues join in to watch. The best part is that when you tap into a place, it feels like you’re there, and so, for many, the experience feels a lot more realistic and memorable.

Staff members that have tapped into AVATOUR can ask questions live to help understand the training better on the spot. 

In some cases, problems can occur on-site that require quick and immediate solving. With AVATOUR, transport industry experts straight to the scene to sort out any issues. Not only will they be able to view the location live in 360°, but they can also speak with the workers on location to help assist with any immediate issues.

Sure, sometimes a simple phone call is enough to help solve an on-site issue. But in many circumstances, it isn’t, and Remote Presence helps to solve problems as quickly as possible. And as many of us know, time is money. 

With the help of AVATOUR, no longer do experts need to invest lots of time helping a company. As the need for travel is cut out, and less is required of them, specialists are more likely to say yes.

Using Remote Presence, experts and inspectors can manage, discuss, inspect, and quality-check all types of businesses, no matter where you are in the world. That’s whether they’re based next door or are living in a city on the other side of the globe.

As a business, maybe you’d like to hire outside experts to supervise your staff and assist with essential operations. Using AVATOUR, you can arrange for experts to be available on location, answering questions, and solving issues. This works great if you have new workers starting to benefit from some extra help from trained professionals.

Likewise, if your business involves undertaking site surveys, AVATOUR allows you to quicken the progress of projects by bringing in experts that can walk and talk staff members through the processes live. As mentioned, this enables you to welcome on-site experts immediately, without the hassle and extra time for travel.

In the long run, think of how much this will increase productivity for your business.


Discover how AVATOUR Remote Presence can work for your business – get started here.



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