The Avatour Platform Makes 360° Meetings Possible.

Next-generation 360° technology provides perspective and freedom for remote collaboration

The Choice Enterprise Companies Prefer

"We don't have to congregate, we don't have to travel, we don't have to get on a plane...and, it's cheaper!"
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How Avatour Works

Unlike standard videoconferencing, Avatour enables remote collaborators and
on-site personnel to share the context of a real place

On-Site Camera Operator

Minimal training is required to successfully host an Avatour session on-site.

camera operator with Avatour camera

1. Get the Gear

Host an Avatour session using inexpensive, off the shelf 360° hardware. Or opt for a complete Avatour kit.

2. Invite Guests

Use the Avatour Host App to send invites to remote attendees, who can join the session using a modern web browser or VR headset.

3. Start Your Session

Up to 20 guests can join an Avatour session from anywhere in the world. Avatour provides high-resolution 4K viewing with video stabilization.

Remote Attendees

Up to 20 remote attendees can join an Avatour session. There is no prior training involved to join.

remote participant on web browser

1. Receive an Invite

Guests will receive a calendar invite just like any traditional meeting or event.

2. Choose Your Experience

Guests can customize their viewing experience by joining via web browser or optional VR headset.

3. Connect & Collaborate

Join a session in real time, explore a remote location, and connect with on-site as well as remote attendees as if physically present. Record sessions, take snapshots, and annotate documents in real time.

There are Two Ways to Experience Avatour

virtual reality headset

Virtual Reality Headset

Join with a VR headset for a complete, immersive experience. For more information on compatible VR headsets, click here.

modern web browser

Modern Web Browser

Join with any modern web browser for an easy and convenient viewing experience. Explore a space by clicking and dragging to look around.

Technology Built for Purpose

on site camera operator

Conduct a variety of remote visits such as internal quality control, supplier audits, and third-party certifications and consulting. With Avatour, inspectors can choose their own perspective and move about a space freely, as if physically present.

Host an interactive and immersive remote site tour to give visitors the experience of a place as if they were there. Host a session in real time or record for later viewing.

Remote presence in Avatour
camera operator insta360 production line

Take advantage of hands-on training without the need to travel. Invite trainees, employees, or collaborators to experience site-specific training in real time, from wherever they are.

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