DB Schenker Case Study

Virtual Warehouse Tours Across Global Locations

The Challenge

Find a cost-effective and time-efficient solution to provide customers and stakeholders with better visibility of their operations – while aligning with their commitment to driving sustainable practices.

The Solution

Conducting virtual warehouse tours for clients and stakeholders with Avatour.

The Result

Customers can now access DB Schenker sites and facilities virtually, in real-time, as if they were there in person. 

Significant reduction in CO² emissions by avoiding travel, in addition to cost and time savings.

Avatour & DB Schenker at Manifest 2023

Manifest is a leading Supply Chain and Logistics event that brings supply chain executives, logistics service providers, and innovators, together. 

Avatour CEO, Devon Copley, presents real applications and ROI of the platform across three DB Schenker facilities in Egypt, Canada, and China. 

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avatour and db schenker partnership
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About DB Schenker

With over 76,000 employees at more than 2,100 locations in around 130 countries, DB Schenker is one of the world’s leading logistics providers. The company operates land, air, and ocean transportation services, and it also offers comprehensive solutions for logistics and global supply chain management from a single source.

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