Beyonics Remote Tour Case Study

Beyonics Leverages 360° Remote Collaboration Technology to Foster Transparency and Close Deals

How Beyonics brings customers on site from anywhere in the world with remote facility walkthroughs

The Challenge

  • Beyonics facilities are located in Asia
  • Transparency and customer visibility is critical in closing the deal
  • Bringing people on site is logistically challenging and involves high travel costs
  • Standard videoconferencing lacks capability and transparency necessary for customers to make informed decisions

The Solution

  • Avatour 360° remote, real-time, collaboration platform
  • Enabled Beyonics customers  to experience all aspects of facilities in real time with as needed collaboration and dialogue
  • Full spatial context brings confidence and transparency, thereby facilitating better and more informed decisions

The Result

  • Facilitated crucial deal with customer
  • Enabled customers to visit facilities more often or as needed, utilizing less time and financial resources
  • Ability to offer clients an alternative to travel for future deals
  • Saved time and money with remote site tours for customers and prospective customers

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About Beyonics

Beyonics is an industry leading contract manufacturer that specializes in precision components for the medical, technology and automotive industries. Headquartered in Singapore, with over 6,000 employees worldwide, Beyonics offers a varied suite of capabilities, including go to market designs. Complicated projects with strict time and cost demands are inherent throughout their business.

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