Avatour & Beyonics: Leveraging 360° Remote Collaboration for Remote Selling Tours

How Beyonics, a world leader in precision manufacturing, uses remote facility walkthroughs to bring customers on site from anywhere in the world.

About Beyonics

Beyonics is an industry leading contract manufacturer that specializes in precision components for the medical, technology and automotive industries. Headquartered in Singapore, with over 6,000 employees worldwide, Beyonics offers a varied suite of capabilities, including go-to market designs. Complicated projects with strict time and cost demands are inherent throughout their business.

The success of Beyonics is attributed to their commitment to outside-the box thinking, which has allowed them to grow into a global leader in their industry. This means that they’re constantly looking for solutions that can meet the demands of their clients. 

Beyonics & Avatour:

The Challenge

Serving a global client base presents a significant challenge: how to bring customers on site to adequately view the Beyonics facilities and its capabilities. Typically, facility tours involve customers flying half way around the world, high costs of travel, and work interruptions.

COVID made an already challenging situation impossible with global lockdowns. In addition, standard videoconferencing lacks capability and transparency necessary for customers to make informed decisions

The Solution

The Beyonics team leveraged Avatour’s 360° remote collaboration platform. This enabled Beyonics customers to experience all aspects of the facilities in real time with as needed collaboration and dialogue. 

Avatour’s full spatial context provides an added layer of confidence and transparency, thereby facilitating better and more informed decisions

“By using what feels like in-person, remote live features, the 360° experience gives our customers that feeling like they are walking through the facility.”

– Lou Hughes, CEO of Beyonics

The Result

By driving innovation through remote collaboration, Beyonics facilitated a crucial deal with a key customer. 

Integrating the technology with their existing operations has enabled Beyonics customers to visit facilities more often or as needed, utilizing less time and financial resources. 

In order to service the diverse needs of their global customers, Beyonics can offer their clients an alternative to travel for future deals.

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What is Remote Selling?

Remote selling is the act of conducting sales visits via real-time collaboration platforms. By using remote selling, companies can showcase their products and services to consumers who may be geographically distant from them. When travel is expensive, time consuming, or otherwise inconvenient, remote selling is a useful tool that helps organizations conduct global business. 

Precision manufacturers such as Beyonics have global facilities that are equipped to handle the unique needs of their customers. When millions of dollars are on the line, it is normal for customers to want to visit and review the facility capabilities on site. 

With remote selling, an organization is able to offer the exact same service using a remote tour as they would if a customer physically visited their location. With Avatour’s 360° remote collaboration, visitors have the freedom to explore and interact on site while maintaining control of their own perspective. 

What is a Remote Tour?

Remote tours are a crucial aspect to remote selling. A remote tour gives viewers a sense of what it feels like to be at a given location. With 360° full spatial context, tour attendees can look up, down, left, and right. It feels as though they are an active participant in the scene, rather than watching something on-screen.

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