Enabling a New Kind of Communication

Avatour is the multi-party, immersive remote presence platform

The Avatour platform allows remote participants to experience a real place and interact in real-time. The required hardware is inexpensive and entirely portable, opening up a variety of game-changing applications for businesses around the world.

Our Journey

Over the years, we’ve facilitated the development, implementation, and impact of real-time, 360° conferencing. Our journey is ever-evolving through our relentless commitment to push the boundaries and reimagine what’s possible.

2015: The Start of 360°

  • Avatour’s founders helped lead the Nokia Ozo project, the world’s first integrated 360° camera
  • Among many firsts, they led the first live 360° broadcasts of the NBA, a major music festival, and the Champions League playoffs

2018: Imeve & Co-Immersion

  • Our founders wondered what more could be done with this technology
  • Began considering Co-Immersion
  • Enabled live interaction in 360°
  • Bi-directional prototype enabled interaction between remote and onsite users
  • Showcased first prototype as a 5G AT&T Demo in 2019

2019: The Birth of Avatour

  • Avatour gets a name and a beta release
  • Pilot used by real estate companies to enable 360° property tours

March 2020 and the Need for Remote Collaboration

  • The world shuts down in March 2020
  • Businesses desperately search for a solution for on-site visits
  • Standard videoconferencing is unreliable for site visits, inspectors, and audits
  • Rapid adoption with life sciences, manufacturing, engineering, etc

2021 and Beyond: The Future of Avatour

  • Companies realize the true benefits of remote collaboration
  • Avatour is helping to alleviate downtime and travel costs
  • Viable solution to meet carbon reduction targets

Meet the Founders

Devon Copley

Devon Copley

CEO & Co-Founder of Avatour

An expert on live immersive technology, Devon has more than 20 years of experience in online media and VR. Previously, he was Head of Product for the Nokia OZO VR platform, where he expanded the OZO ecosystem to include live VR broadcast, next-generation immersive delivery, and multi-platform playback. Earlier, Devon co-founded the online media consulting firm Interocity (acquired by Chyron) and was VP of Customer Success at the leading cloud video platform Kaltura. Devon studied Computer Science and Theater at Yale and was a Sloan Fellow at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Prasad Balasubramanian

CTO & Co-Founder of Avatour

An expert in imaging, computer vision, and real-time video processing. Technology leader with a foundation in architecture, technology management, and execution. As R&D Manager for the Nokia OZO software team, Prasad developed the first integrated 360-degree live broadcast tools. This technology has been used for many of the largest live VR productions to date. Previously, Prasad worked on imaging technologies such as Dolby Vision and was instrumental in bringing it to the first set of televisions and mobile devices. Prasad holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of Mumbai, a Masters in Engineering from Universita Della Svizzera Italiana, and an MS in Computer Science from the University of Southern California.

Meet the Team

Parul Vij Chopra

Head of Customer Success

Stefan Hesse

Managing Director, EMEA

Joe Kane

Head of Design

Avatour Investors

Ulu Ventures

Merus Capital

NTT Docomo

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