5 Leading Innovative Platforms Improving Enterprise Quality Assurance

Now more than ever, enterprise quality assurance is essential for any organization, especially those in the pharmaceutical and manufacturing space. With the right technology and resources in place, organizations will be able to optimize their enterprise QA protocol with a focus on transparency. This increases competitive advantage, minimizes safety risks, and ensures compliance.

Quality assurance platform

Fortunately, the pandemic spurred innovation for collaborative technologies. With so many options, it’s important to understand that not all QA platforms were created for the same purpose. The following five platforms are designed to enhance collaboration and reduce operational costs in an enterprise-wide QA environment.

quality assurance platform
Source: Appian

1. Automation Software

Appian is a low-code automation platform that allows organizations to provide enterprise-wide QA by combining people, data, and technology into a single workflow. With this software, a company can maximize resources and improve results.

Organizations integrate Appian software into their IT infrastructure to improve customer experience, achieve operational excellence, and simplify risk management worldwide. The Appian platform enhances business operations and global compliance standards for many of the world’s largest organizations.

quality assurance platform

2. 360° Remote Collaboration

A 360° remote collaboration platform harnesses the power of virtual reality to bring people to places without the need for travel. Remote participants interact in real-time with real people, no matter their location. These platforms go beyond simple video conferencing.

Avatour is the remote collaboration platform designed for site meetings. With innovative real-time, 360° technology, remote site inspections take quality assurance into that future by allowing teams to manage facilities, perform QA audits, and drop in anytime, anywhere for progress reviews. 

Avatour provides organizations the freedom and flexibility to collaborate virtually without sacrificing time, quality, safety, and compliance. Their remote presence platform allows organizations to conduct the following from anywhere:

  • Fully immersive facility walkthroughs 
  • Quality assurance inspections 
  • Critical operational supervision
  • Remote facility tours
  • Virtual training sessions
quality & business assurance platform
Source: Hololens

3. Field of View Software

Field of View (FOV) software is known as the maximum angle of the line of sight between peripherals of either a camera or the human eye. Organizations use these FOV software platforms for enhancing security and overseeing operational workflow.

When a company deploys this technology for QA purposes, it gives managers and members of the QA team a bird’s eye view of everything going on throughout the facility. However, these technologies are not generally fully collaborative, as they offer only a one-way viewing option. They are also limited to 75 views by default.

quality & business assurance platform
Source: TestRail

4. Case Management Platforms

TestRail is a comprehensive case management software for QA teams that provides analytical data for case test execution. It offers flexible case management and results tracing options to check navigational elements, track milestones, and detect system failures.

TestRail is a popular tool for QA project planning in a single, web-based platform. QA teams, managers, and authorized facility staff can see project statuses and activities from an easy-to-use dashboard.

These case management platforms enable organizations to:

  • Add files
  • Log test results
  • Add comments as needed
  • Link to external bug trackers
  • Integrate time tracking
  • Improve team-oriented workflows
enterprise quality assurance
Source: MasterControl

5. Operational Systems Platforms

MasterControl is an operational systems platform that improves operational efficiencies and facilitates product quality. Furthermore, it ensures compliance with quality standards and regulations. 

With MasterControl, organizations get a single software suite for quality management. Their platform offers a price point to meet the needs of organizations of any size. They even provide a free trial for users before committing. 

Features of MasterControl include:

  • Document control
  • Training management
  • Corrective and preventive action systems
  • Quality audit management
  • Customer compliance software
  • Nonconformance automation software
  • Change control
  • Electronic submissions
  • Form-based process automation

MasterControl allows organizations to eliminate paper-based QA processes while ensuring they meet standards and regulatory compliance. 

Choosing the Right Enterprise Quality Assurance Platform

The first step in finding the best software to assist QA teams within your organization is to consider operational needs. Which of these five collaborative tools will ensure your company meets its quality standards? 

If your team requires a fully immersive experience for site meetings, facility tours, and conducting virtual training sessions, Avatour is the innovative platform that provides your teams with a 360° collaboration tool that gives remote attendees the same viewing power as those on-site.

You can ensure exceptional quality with the best real-time, 360° collaboration platform. Schedule a demo today and see how Avatour can advance your enterprise quality assurance. 

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