4 Benefits of 360° Site Meetings for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

The last few years have witnessed countless groundbreaking inventions that changes the way we live and work. And while some of these inventions are purely for entertainment purposes, others have the potential to revolutionize our industries. One such invention is remote collaboration for site meetings that uses 360° videoconferencing that enables people to experience a real place in real time.

In the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industries, 360° meetings are emerging as a powerful tool for inspections, site tours, and employee training. It is rapidly evolving, and its potential applications for architecture, engineering, and construction are endless.

remote site visits
Avatour can be used with modern web browser or VR headset

Challenges in AEC

Site meetings have always been a crucial aspect of keeping projects on schedule. Even a one-year delay in a project lifecycle can result in a $6 trillion (50% drop) in net present value (NPV). Unfortunately, construction-heavy sectors are the most at risk to late project timelines. On average, these sectors experience at least a 2-year delay over 60% of the time. (source: McKinsey)

Given everything at stake, even shortening project schedules by 10-20% can have a monumental impact on a company’s bottom line.

For example, the need to drive operational efficiency across every stage of a project lifecycle, many AEC leaders, such as Black & Veatch, are leveraging 360° meetings to minimize travel and improve visibility, productivity, and safety.

Here are four benefits of 360° meetings for professionals in these industries

#1: 360° Meetings Help Projects Stay on Schedule 

First and foremost, 360° remote collaboration allow projects to stay on schedule through remote visits. Deviating from schedule and scope is the biggest barrier to profitability. With 360° meetings, teams can complete a site visit without having to physically travel to the location. This saves time and money, as well as reduces disruption to site operations. For instance, conducting 360° meetings – either via computer browser or optional VR headset – provides an immersive understanding of the site that can be used for planning and construction purposes. This can help to improve accuracy and efficiency, as well as reduce the need for expensive and time-consuming site surveys. Ultimately, this purpose-built technology has the potential to revolutionize the way in which the AEC industries operate, bringing numerous benefits in terms of innovation, ease, and cost-effectiveness.

360° remote collaboration
Avatour works on off-the-shelf 360 cameras for real-time collaboration on site.

#2: React Quicker

The second benefit of using 360° meetings is the ability to react quickly to inevitable surprises. Bringing stakeholders or experts on site involves time and resources. Planning trips, coordinating schedules, traveling delays are all factors that can threaten project timelines and result in miscommunication or scope creep.

With Avatour, AEC leaders can get relevant expertise on-site fast to manage unexpected conditions or contingencies and minimize schedule impact. This is a simple way to bring project experts virtually to the job site in case of an emergency. It is also a great way to stay on schedule and avoid costly delays. The quicker a company can adapt to setbacks, the more likely they can complete the project on time and budget. As a result, by having these relevant experts or stakeholders on-site, companies can manage unexpected conditions quickly and efficiently.

#3: Improve Safety

Safety is always a top concern in the architecture, engineering, and construction industries. With 360° meetings, AEC leaders can train personnel on site safety protocols. This allows them to be conscious of potential hazards and take the appropriate precautions. Additionally, this technology can also improve day to day safety of visitors, employees, and the sites themselves. With less people walking around a construction or engineering site, companies can automatically minimize risk and liability.

Takenaka Corporation
Click here to see how construction giant, Takenaka corporation, leverages 360 site meetings

#4: Expedite Decision Making

In today’s business climate, efficiency is an ever-present challenge. That’s why convenient solutions that don’t require travel are so important. The fourth benefit of using 360° meetings in the architecture, engineering, and construction industries is that it expedites decision-making. With these meetings, leaders can get input from all stakeholders quickly and efficiently without requiring anyone to leave their office. 360° is a convenient and efficient options that allows teams to make decisions rapidly without incurring any travel costs.

By leveraging Avatour’s 360° remote collaboration features, leaders can help their teams and worksites stay on schedule. Furthermore, they can also react quicker to inevitable disruptions, improve job site safety, and expedite decision-making by receiving input from stakeholders faster. Avatour is purpose-built with comprehensive VR abilities and collaboration features. This tool ultimately put leaders in the strategic position to redefine the way their team works together.

For a closer look on how Avatour works, click here.

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