Why 360° Remote Collaboration Beats Standard Videoconferencing for Site Meetings

Videoconferencing for Site Meetings

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the adoption of remote collaboration tools for companies worldwide. With global shutdowns, collaborating with colleagues, clients, and stakeholders became a challenge, especially regarding industries that rely on site-specific meetings, such as audits, on-site training, and facility tours or walkthroughs.

Standard videoconferencing was implemented as a quick fix to conduct site visits. However, while these tools are great for in-person meetings, inherent visual and collaboration barriers make standard videoconferencing ill-suited for site-specific meetings.

The demand for remote tools for site visits is critical, but what can replace standard videoconferencing? The following outlines why 360° remote collaboration is the ideal tool for conducting remote site meetings.

1. 360° Remote Collaboration is Purpose-Built for Site Meetings

360° remote collaboration is purpose-built for site inspections, tours, and training. It allows users, both authorized employees or visitors, to join the meeting from their desktops with immersive audio and video experiences that are high quality, even in low bandwidth areas. The casual nature of it makes site meetings seem like they’re happening in person, which lowers travel costs and increases productivity.

2. 360° Remote Collaboration Provides Viewer Autonomy

One of the most significant limitations to standard videoconferencing platforms is the lack of viewer autonomy. With these platforms, remote attendees are limited to one point of view, which is the direction in which the host points the camera. If the host doesn’t show it, people don’t see it, which can impact the quality, safety, and efficiency of a remote site visit.

360° remote collaboration lets attendees turn their head in any direction, to interact with the place or on-site personnel. This autonomy greatly increases the quality of site visits on-site and allows more efficient use of time for both on-site participants and attendees.

“By using what feels like in-person, remote live features, the 360° experience gives our customers that feeling like they are walking through the facility.”

Lou Hughes, CEO of Beyonics. Click here to see how Beyonics leveraged Avatour for remote selling tours.

3. Remote Collaboration Saves Time and Money

360° remote collaboration is ideal for site inspections, audits, trainings, and any other process that requires face-to-place context.

This technology lets people join a meeting that feels like they’re on-site without sacrificing quality.

A single 360° video conference can replace the multistep process of booking flights, hotels, and rental cars. All of the travel time gets eliminated as well as other coordination challenges that typically follow once all parties are on-site.

Due to its high-quality immersive audio and video, 360° collaboration allows the on-site and remote meeting participants to interact as if they were physically together. This technological advancement provides a more efficient and cost effective way for teams to conduct site visits.

4. Works in the Field or Low Bandwidth Environments

Connectivity is one of the biggest challenges in site visits.

Hosting remote meetings on standard conferencing platforms can be burdensome, especially with connectivity issues. Site meetings often take place in remote locations, where WiFi is not reliable throughout an entire facility. 

For that reason, organizations turn to 360° remote collaboration that works over either WiFi or LTE/5G networks. These connectivity capabilities help ensure a consistent, live stream of a remote location for the duration of a site visit or audit.

In Conclusion

For millions of companies operating across multiple regions and countries, COVID-19 disrupted the way organizations conduct remote meetings.

The future of hybrid collaboration requires companies to leverage the right tools to be more strategic with their approach to site meetings. The development of live interactions in 360° capture is the solution.

In a highly connected world, Avatour is the ideal remote presence platform for enhancing safety and efficiency. It streamlines and improves site meetings by connecting employees, partners, or clients located all around the world.

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